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How to Deal with Upholstery Stains

31 Oct , 2013  

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

 A lot of people like to have a rest on the sofa and have a snack in the same time, or sometimes your kids sit and play on it with muddy shoes. Stuff like that cause some really tough upholstery stains. They probably look quite horrible and are tough to clean. Well, that is not such a big problem. Here are some tips how to deal with upholstery stains.


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Things You Should Not Put in the Drain

15 Oct , 2013  

Kitchen sink

For the longest time I felt like rinsing down the food leftovers and forgetting about their existence is like the most normal thing in the world. Not long after I saw why it actually shows a lack of responsibility. Firstly not all things can smoothly go down the drain and even if they do, not all are biodegradable. Some are causing nothing but pollution, while other are causing clogged drains! Follow the tips below and you’ll be fine. More…

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Interior Design and Decoration

His & Hers Pillowcases

8 Oct , 2013  

matching Pillowcases for couples

When it comes to couples matching items, I have seen quite a lot of disasters, but it seems that you can’t go wrong with matching pillowcases. Everything I’ve seen so far seems cool, original and extremely cute! Check out some of the ideas I liked best!