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3 Things You Need to Make Spring Cleaning a Piece of Cake

10 Sep , 2015  

You know spring has sprung when it’s time to dig deep, rotate mattresses, clean the carpets and turn wardrobes and closets inside out. Deep cleaning the fridge and oven, washing the carpets and vacuum cleaning behind and underneath furniture surely top my list of most hated chores. To ease spring cleaning this year, I consulted with Scott Theggie, owner of Eagle Ducted Vacuums, and asked him about some of the most effective tools and equipment to make spring cleaning a piece of cake.

Here there are:

#1 Ducted Vacuum Systems

Ducted vacuum systems may sound expensive, but from being a luxury item in the 70s and 80s, nowadays they are an affordable, must-have alternative to commercial, portable vacuum cleaners. Because of their powerful motor and large air flow, ducted vacuum systems pick deep down dirt, debris, dust, and even miniature particles such as pollen, mites and mold-spores. They are the best cleaning tool when spring is in the air, and so are billions of tiny pollens that trigger allergy symptoms in millions of people worldwide. Ducted vacuums are perfect for families affected by common allergies, asthma or eczema. Research has suggested that this amazing installation reduces the instances and improves the symptoms in allergy-sufferers up to 61%.

In addition, more power means less mess and less effort on your behalf, thus you get to clean the home faster and more efficiently. The best part is, there is no bending backwards with a heavier portable vacuum cleaner and wasting precious time and energy during a spring clean. With a ducted vacuum you can clean floors, carpets, upholstery, upholstered chairs and settees, mattresses and other soft furnishings, including your car seats.

#2 Mobile Apps

Apps are not so much about checklists and remembering chores, as much as about keeping track and ticking things off. Some people use apps to help remind them what needs to be done and to help them save time. Tackling a spring cleaning, however, is a marathon, not a sprint. Apps do a great job in motivating you to keep going and to tick things off (there is the element of reward here). Some of the most preferred apps in 2015 are Cleaning Checklist and Chore Bank for iPhone and FlyHelper and Spring Cleaning Checklist for Android. If you find spring cleaning difficult, because you don’t know where to start from, apps are a fantastic way to get organised and will surely give you a new perspective on tackling dreadful chores.

#3 Helpers

Whether that would be your family members or a professional cleaning company, no one said a spring cleaning is a one-person job. In fact, delegating chores is what spring cleaning is all about. So recruit as many helpers as possible and make a plan who will do what. Tackle things together, don’t forget to take regular breaks for drinks and snack, have fun as much as possible and most of all get the job done as a team. The sense of achievement you will all feel at the end, when you find yourself in a spotlessly clean house will make you feel amazing.

Now, everybody, keep it clean!

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