Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2015

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5 of the Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2015

9 Jan , 2015  

The New Year means a fresh a start, a new you and a new home. Well, we can’t all have a brand new home – but it doesn’t mean to say you can’t transform yours into something spectacular for 2015, right!? Designs that radiate a modern, rustic appeal and combine the essentials of brightness and functionality create a sense of fascination, and you don’t need a degree in Interior Design to pull it off.

2015 – Year of the goat (sheep) symbolises tranquillity and creative arts; and the interior ideas said to rock the New Year go hand-in-hand with this. The designs promote comfort, classiness and striking contrasts. Infused with vivid colours and textures, treat your home – and yourself – with some of the hottest interior design trends for 2015.

1. Black is Out, Blue and Grey are in

Grey is the New Black

Image Source: Vogue Living


There’s a reason why every female has at least one little black dress in her wardrobe – it goes with everything and there will always be a time when you need it. Like with your home’s interior the colour black has just always worked. You can contrast with white for a modern, classic look or brighten it up with vibrant accessories. Whilst it’s not out of fashion as such, it’s definitely been pushed to the side by the cool characteristics of blues and greys though.


Over the years we have seen the split personality of grey take a stand in interior design. Its versatility has brought it from a cold-industrial like look to a confidently contemporary tint that’s both dramatic and soft. As it booms to be the colour pick of the year, its different shades allow it to blend perfectly with almost any colour; a flexibility that can be rare to find.

Grey is overtaking this year

Source Image: ShowHome


Very similar to the colour family of grey, blue has too overtaken black in interior design. From the cool shades we were once in love with it’s now taken on a fresh new, much darker vibe. The blue that’s almost black is warmer and bolder without compromising on depth and like the many shades of grey, complements other colours beautifully. For a masculine look, combine grey with dark and moody blues. For a more feminine appeal use grey and soft pastels together.

2. Metallic Industrial Appeal

Metalic Industrial Appeal

Image Source: HouseToHome


Shiny metals and raw metallics create spaces that are edgy and impressive. They add a little glitz and glamour to the room without going too overboard or being tacky. When combined with materials that consist of natural materials, the raw metallics and shiny metals are integrated in a way that creates that ‘wow’ effect.

Combine blue and metalics

Image Source: Sinead Flannery


If you’re not ready to go all out with metallic industrial appeal, start by adding small touches in the form or a copper shag rug or metallic pillows. As the design confidence builds, you can add a shiny metal side to the mix matched with a wood coffee table and metallic colours. By creating a combination of metallic coppers and naturally raw materials, you build the texture in the space to spark visual interest.

3. Lush Greens and a Touch of Nature

Rich Driftwood and a touch of nature

Image Source: Indulgy


Adding a touch of nature into interior design brings warmth and depth into a home – and it’s a super-hot trend for 2015. Incorporating lush green colours and the beauty of rich wood can work well to balance out a space and blur the lines between the inside and outside world. If you’re experimenting with the new blacks (greys and dark moody blues), then natural inclusions and deep greens are a stunning combination.

Design Trends for 2015

Image Source: Ernests


Start by integrating subtle accessories like a piece of driftwood as a coffee table centre piece or add freshly potted green indoor plants. This article from Houzz provides some great ideas for adding organic elements into your space, like wood, granite and other natural tones.

Back to Nature

Image Source: Design Sponge


4. Get Your Gold On

Retro statements are making their way back into homes in the form of luxurious gold fixtures. We’ve seen the copper and stainless steel fixtures for too long now, but for 2015 homeowners have more design freedom. Mixed with finish colours, getting your gold on in the kitchen and bathroom space adds a sense of extravagance without costing you a fortune.

Get Your Gold On

Image Source: Afflante


Get Your Gold On

Image Source: Aynart Livejournal


Whilst an overload of gold can be too much for a space – especially if it’s small, the refined touches in the form of fixtures can energise up a room. If you’re not prepared to change all your bathroom and kitchen fittings, opt for light or lamp fittings instead.


5. Tone on Tone Layers

Layers are huge in interior design. For spaces that are lacking a little life, they bring luscious layers of texture and sophistication. You can use tone on tone layers to create a focal point in a room or for a daring, fun approach to design.

Rule of thumb with tone on tone layers is to keep within the one colour family. For example; if you find a blue that you like, ensure all the patterns, textures and colours you layer with that blue are either lights or darker tints. This way, it won’t look too busy or clash the colours but instead provide a sense of depth to the room in an interesting way.

Tone on Tone Layers

Image Source: Blog Lovin’


By focusing on one or two of these hot style trends for 2015, your home will feel vibrant and new… just in time for fresh start and a daring attitude in design!

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson for Riverstone Builders – Perth’s finest custom home builders, the perfect luxurious homes to implement the latest interior design trends.

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