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5 Psychological Benefits From Cleaning

1 May , 2013  

As the name of this blog suggests, I hate cleaning, however I had to clean once I got married, so I discovered a few benefits of cleaning, I wasn’t aware of before. Since then, I started to like it a lot more. Without further adieu, here is what I found about cleaning during the first year of my marriage.

vintage housewife 1. Cleaning gives you a sense of accomplishment. Everytime I see a sink full of dirty dishes, I feel great when I wash them and I clean the area around the sink. The cleaning tasks small or big are always fairly easy to complete, which means everytime you want to complete a task and feel good about yourself you can start cleaning the fridge! Unlike your job, or other tasks, cleaning has a clear and visible end product that is very satisfying.


2. Cleaning chases the blues away. It calms your mind and soul and it keeps you busy. Have you heard the expression: “Idle hands, idle mind” It is true. When you are sweeping the floors your hands are not idle and your mind doesn’t dwell on the same depressing thoughts.

3. Cleaning gives you control. When you clean thoroughly your home, you are in control of your environment. The fact that you can move and change the interior of your home is very empowering, especially if you don’t have control in other areas of your life at the moment. Women have long been in search of more control and cleaning has always been one way to exercise it.

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4. Cleaning reduces stress. Whenever you are angry or stressed, you can start performing your domestic chores, which will greatly reduce your stress and will make you feel better for the above mentioned reasons.

5. It is a good workout. Cleaning increases your heart-rate and burns a lot of calories. A full list of tips on how to turn your cleaning session into a workout one you can find here. A lot of simple daily chores actually burn a fair amount of calories. This is a win-win, since your home is clean and your body fit!

cleaning workout Are you feeling eager to clean your home now? Good! Get to it! 

Lana Jane Fox

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