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5 Reasons to Use a Professional Removal Company

8 Aug , 2017  

Moving house. It’s a dreaded term for many of us. Even the most organised households can struggle with the emotional and physical stress that comes with it. Despite the research (and personal experiences) suggesting moving house is one of life’s most stressful events, not to mention how disruptive and chaotic it can be to our regular schedules, a well-planned move can actually be an exciting time. Shock horror! Yes, you read right… moving house doesn’t need to be the headache we know it can be. Instead, the change of atmosphere can encourage a fresh start, new adventures and an opportunity to declutter and redesign.

There’s an old saying that some things are best left to the professionals, and a house or office move is certainly one of them. Whilst many tackle it on their own or with the help of friends and family, it can save a lot of hassle by delegating the job to someone who is trusted and experienced. Here are few reasons why you should use a professional removal company:

1. Reduces Stress Levels and Saves Time

Stress and time go hand-in-hand and a house move ticks both boxes. Moving takes time. A lot of it. It’s not just the big day you have to take into consideration, but the time it takes to find a new home, pack your belongings, move and tie up loose ends. It all adds up. When we’re pushed for time and moving conflicts with our daily schedules, we become stressed.

To save time and ultimately reduce those stress levels, it makes sense to invest in a professional service that will get the job done for you. The less you have to do the better, right? This frees up more time and energy to focus on other parts of the move. Professional removalists prioritise a quick but safe move, with deadlines and time constraints in mind to encourage a smooth relocation.  

2. Prevents Breakages of Your Valuables

No one likes to see their valuables and personal items wrecked. Unfortunately, moving house can be a culprit for it. Having to say goodbye to prized possessions or organise replacements is something you shouldn’t have to deal with. But it can be common when things aren’t packed or moved properly. Although hiring professional removalists doesn’t guarantee everything will remain 100% safe, it certainly gives your belongings the best chance.

Professional removalists are experts in packing everything safely. They know how to handle delicate items, and are specifically trained to move all items with extreme care. Consequently, this eliminates a lot of breakages. Some companies will also have insurance to cover any losses during the move. This kind of protection doesn’t come when you moving items yourself.


3. Utilises the Right Equipment and Manpower

A DIY move may save money short term, but without access to the right equipment and manpower (along with potential breakages), you can end up forking out a lot of money. Expert removalists are equipped to move your items safely. A reliable moving truck, hoisting straps, moving trolleys and other essentials assure a better, more productive move. These fundamentals are always included with a professional removalist service. With a DIY approach, however, it will cost you time and effort to find the right tools to assist with the job.

By using the right equipment and having access to that much-needed manpower, you’re on track for a safer, time efficient and secure move.

4. Flexible Storage Facilities

There’s nothing worse than moving date conflicting. The time you need to be out of your old home doesn’t always fit with the move in date for the new property, and not all of us have access to storage. Choosing a professional removal company enables flexible and cost-effective storage facilities. Some companies have storage units on site, where they can safely store items ready for moving day. This is much more practical than dividing furniture and other belongings between friends and family to store for you or having to use a third-party storage outlet. Whilst your possessions are in storage, they’re safeguarded under protection from loss, damage and theft, too.


5. Less Hassle 

Moving is a hassle. Pulling apart furniture, reassembling it, moving large, heavy and awkward items and manoeuvring them through doors. It’s never an easy job! With expert help, you save yourself having to lift heavy items, trek up and down stairs or move difficult items. This protects your own health, eliminates risks and encourages a move that’s done right.

Moving may seem like an easy task but in most cases, it’s a great hassle. With a reliable, quick and professional service, you can turn a stressful snail-pace move to a speedy and safe process, leaving you with more time to enjoy the new home and its surroundings.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Adlam Transport– Perth Office Removals and Storage specialists operating WA-wide since 1996. Adlam aim to carefully strategise the move for you and have an experienced team of removalists on board to help protect your valuable. You can catch her on Google+.

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