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6 Ways to Improve Your Office Space on a Budget

21 Apr , 2016  

Regardless of whether you work from home or in a thriving office, creating the ultimate work space is paramount for success. The way in which you get the job done and how the area is set up can make all the difference for creativity and productiveness.

To continually fuel imagination and boost work efficiency, your office space should be redefined every 6-12 months – even if only slightly. It’s this space that can define who you are and influence the way you behave, feel and perform in the workplace; so making it ideal is vital.

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create a productive work space either. Stimulating motivation and work inspiration can come from the simplest of designs, décor additions and smart thinking. It’s about finding budget ways to directly affect the bottom line of our level of success – and that lies in comfort, organisation and a colourful atmosphere. Here’s a few tips to create a workspace that breeds productivity in the most cost-effective way.

1. Inspire with Colour

Colour is your best friend when it comes to office spaces (or any design changes to be fair!). It’s one of the easiest to incorporate and mix up, and doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. If you want to go to other end of the price spectrum, a fresh coat of paint throughout the office can definitely be a mood booster. For those that are tight on cash, inspiring with splashes of colour through feature walls and accessories can really transform a working environment.

Consider how each colour will impact on the mood of the space. For example red tends to be associated with power, energy, warmth and stimulation but can be aggressive if too much is used. Orange boosts enthusiasm and self-esteem whilst blue enhances stability, trust, efficient communication and intellect. Green is associated with balance and peace and yellow heightens productivity, creativity and clarity.

2. Open the Space Up

Now I don’t mean getting out the hammer and knocking out walls, but simple and smart changes to the setup of your space can make a world of difference. This can be a little challenging if you don’t have much space to work with, but rearranging a few things to open the area up as much as possible can change the flow for all the right reasons.

Simple design hacks to avoid feeling cramped whilst working can ease workplace stress and anxiety. Use lighting and mirrors on walls to give the feeling the space is less crowded and more open. Other decorative elements, pillars, plants and office furniture changes can give the perception of a larger space too.

3. Create Comfort and Organisation

Productivity levels are better fostered with adequate comfort and workplace organisation. Start by clearing the clutter and embracing new tools to manage paper loads, business cards piled up and documents which can be transferred to your computer. Upgrading office furniture – even if it’s just your desk can make room for better storage solutions or invest in a new chair to boost those comfort levels through the roof.

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Prioritising function in office design should be key – especially if budget is tight. And comfort and organisation is key to functionality. If you’re upgrading furniture, consider flexible modular additions than can change as you and the business grows. This will help maximise the floor plan of the space and keeps comfort and organisation at the forefront of the design.

4. Add Atmosphere

Show your personality in the office space by adding a little atmosphere to fuel creativity. A work space is never going to be productive if it isn’t personalised to reflect your tastes so adding décor, powerful photos, positive quotes and other bits and pieces will make you feel more connected to what inspires you.

You can add atmosphere by scene too, which can be great for increase performance. Lemon scent is renowned for boosting clarity with work, with jasmine and lavender following close behind.

5. Merge the Outdoor World with Inside

Nature is a massive advantage for office spaces – especially when you’re cooped up inside all day. Office environments have a tendency to drain employee’s level of productiveness so bringing the outside world in can boost workplace morale and comfort. It also makes the typical dull office space very attractive for you, other employees and potential clients and prospects.

Having access to nature is good for reducing stress and restoring cognitive functions, according to research. House plants that don’t require too much direct sunlight are perfect for offices and other low-maintenance plants designed to flourish inside. Incorporate other materials found in nature too, like wood or bamboo, beeswax candles and fresh flowers to brighten up the room and your mood.

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6. Focus on Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is an important aspect of smart office design. There’s nothing worse than trying to work under a buzzing fluorescent light in the office and you’ll notice an increase with headaches and hindered performance effectiveness too. Where possible, shift the focus to natural lighting to boost the office appeal and mood.

Office spaces with more natural light have a warmer, creative appeal to them. If there’s not enough natural light or you’re not able to utilise it, swap over light fixtures for LED lighting or ambient lighting with dedicated task lighting. Whilst you don’t want anything that’s too bright, not enough light can contribute to headaches and eye strain too so balance is essential.

Тhis article is written by Jayde Ferguson at Interia Systems – the go to place for quality office furniture or fitout options with over 30 years’ experience in office set ups and equipment. You can catch Jayde on Google+ to discuss this piece.

Images Credit: Pexels

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