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7 Ways to Go Greener at Home

15 Sep , 2014  

Lately we have been hearing the same thing over and over again from our friends, colleagues and family:”We understand that  being green is important for our environment and our future  generations, but it is harder and more expensive” To this we say “No! It really is EASY being green” From the kitchen and bathroom right through to the garden, you  will be highly delighted with our top 7 easy (and super frugal)  ways to go green.

In the Kitchen  

1.Avoid purchasing pre packaged food, cooking from scratch not  only reduces the amount of rubbish in the house but can be more  energy efficient (not to mention healthier)

2. Look at the bottom shelf in the supermarket – this is where  you will generally find cheaper eco alternatives to dishwashing  liquids, sponges and cleaners.

3. Buy local! We say it time and time again, don’t forget to  calculate the mileage that your products have had to travel.

In the Bathroom

4. Use quality products and check the ingredients – don’t just  take the advertising word for it! It might say its green but  please check the listing. You may pay a little more up front but  quality ingredients will last far longer than skin care full of  fillers! Every ingredient in our skincare serves a direct  purpose, no fillers, no nasties, no animal testing. Its an easy  alternative really!

5. The totally awesome $2 tool – a faucet aerator! This will  reduce your water usage (you could also use this in the kitchen).

Mother Nature makes You Greater

Mother Nature Makes You Greater

In the Garden

6. Excuse us for the hopeless self promotion of this amazing  garden tool BUT we just had to share it with you! The FAR OUT  BRUSSEL SPOUT – can be found in our shop – it encourages the recycling of water and is an ergonomic way of watering for potted plants. You can also use it in the kitchen to promote the  drinking of water with the littleies!

7. Compost! We just cannot encourage it enough, it reduces your  kitchen waste, creates the perfect soil and feeds your plants! So there you have it! Our top 7 things to do in your home (on the  cheap) to be greener – no excuses now!