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8 Things You Could Knit/Crochet For Your Wedding

7 May , 2014  

Better grab the yarn and needles ASAP!

Want a wedding on a budget that is also beautiful and has everything you ever dreamed of? Not impossible! Don’t let anyone fool you! If you are crafty enough you could do a lot of things for your wedding all by yourself and on a dime. How I got the idea? I received a beautiful book for my birthday called “100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet“. The beautiful patterns I saw inside of it served as my inspiration for this article. I didn’t have a knitted wedding, because I didn’t know how to knit when I got married, but now I know why some future brides would roll up their sleeves!

1. Wedding Bouquet. A beautiful bouquet of knitted lilies, tulips or orchids is the one thing that will blow the brains out of your guests on your wedding day. When you have knitted the wedding bouquet, you can, of course, knit a decorative piece for your head to complete the look. This is absolutely fantastic and the one thing I regret not doing on my wedding!

knitted Wedding Bouquet

Image Source: Knitty Blog

2. Table Decorations – Yes, you can decorate the plates with knitted veggies, or something you have on your menu.

Knitted Table Decorations for your Wedding

Image Source: Jung Jung

If you have the time you could also knit the flowers for your tables; If you are planning to have candles on the tables and to create a more cozy feeling during the reception, you can “dress” the candle holders in cute knitted cozies like these!

3. Gifts for your guests – You know that the wedding is all about small details and attention to every little thing. That’s why it is so stressful for most brides. The gifts for your guests are probably one of the most annoying thing you need to do (let’s be honest), but it is an absolute must and you have to impress. Knitted gifts are great because they are timeless and will last forever if taken proper care of. You can either choose something your guests can use such as a mug cozie, which is practical and could be used long time if proper upholstery cleaning techniques are used. If you want your gift to be more symbolic these cute bride and groom will just do.

Bride and Groom Gift To Guests

Image Credits: Oh Weddings

4. Wedding Ring Pillow – You can knit your own wedding ring pillow and have your ring bearer bring it to the altar for you. Everything is what you want it to be and what you make it! This is why it will be all the more special.

Chunky Wedding Ring Pillows

Image Source: Save on Crafts

5. The Gift for Your Groom. Knit socks for him – yes I am not kidding. Attach this cute label and you’ll make sure that he doesn’t get cold feet! Have someone bring them to him the morning of your wedding.

Items You Can Knit For Your Wedding

Image Source: My Wedding Shop

6. Crocheted Wedding Favors. No one really cares when someone throws their wedding favors out. But what if you made something your guests wouldn’t throw away? Like these crocheted wedding favors for instance?

Wedding Favours

Source Image: Kreativ Kuzimunka

7. Wedding Cake Toppers. Finish the look with your very own wedding cake toppers.

Knitted Wedding Topper

Image Source: Blog Lovin


8. Your Goom’s Tie. If you want your groom to keep it up with your wedding theme, you could knit him a tie. Nice and literally on a dime! Now, the only thing is that you have to get him to wear it!

Knitted Wedding Tie For Groom

Image Source: Mens Ties Online

Now I think you see why you need to start as of right NOW. These are extremely time consuming, but that’s what makes them so special! They will add the personal touch that most other weddings lack. They will show how much time and effort you’ve put into every detail and how important this day is for you. And it is, indeed, isn’t it?

Featured Image Credits: Trina’s Cley Creations

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