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Behind on Your Spring Cleaning?

20 Oct , 2014  

Wakey- Wakey! You don’t want to get too far behind!

This week Paul’s Professional Carpet Cleaners Sydney answer some very important questions when it comes to spring cleaning and mainly how to make the most out of it. Here are some good tips and a sweet offer!

Question 1:

What are the most important aspects of spring cleaning?  Answer: In order to set spring cleaning apart from all other weekly chores, we must note that during a thorough spring clean, one usually does a lot of once-a-year chores such as:

  • Thoroughly cleaning behind furniture;
  • Washing the windows inside and out;
  • Steam or Dry cleaning the curtains. We, at Paul’s, clean them without taking them down, so here is one chore less for you.
  • De-cluttering cupboards and drawers;
  • Lawn Mowing and general garden maintenance;
  • Cleaning the oven and BBQ
  • Steam cleaning the carpets and area rugs.
  • De-cluterring the garage, basement and attic. Removing unnecessary rubbish;

Question 2:

What to Look For if We Need Professional Help With it?

Answer: First and foremost see if they are vetted, insured and trained. They must be covered by insurance against any possible accidents and to have the right to work in Australia. All our cleaners are police checked, insured and trained. Furthermore, cleaners must be equipped with their own cleaning gear and solutions. Customer-oriented companies like ourselves work on weekends, after work hours and on public holidays. This way you can be at home and supervise, or help if you want to.

Question 3:

Is Spring Cleaning Expensive?

Spring Cleaning on a Deal in Sydney

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Answer: Most of the time it is, yes. But combined with other services, you can get a lot of cleaning + gardening on a deal. Here is an example: The best thing of all is that good companies offer fixed quotes, i.e there are no hidden charges or additional costs.

Question 4:

Do many Australians actually clean their homes during spring? 

Answer: The good thing about spring cleaning is that we all do it just before the BBQ season when the weather encourages more social interaction. So, really, if we want to invite guests over for garden parties and other fun activities at home, we do have to do some cleaning at least. To answer your questions a little bit more than half of all Australians do clean their homes, yet, but as for us, this is not nearly enough!

Featured Image Credit: Ben K Adams (Flickr)

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