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Be Happy – Don’t Do The Following…

6 May , 2013  

In a recent TV show I watched – Game of Thrones, one of the main character said something striking: “Their days are too long and their lives are too short!” Have you ever had the feeling your days and your life is heading in that direction?Happiness is a much cherished goal for each and every one of us. Often in the equation of life in order to achieve personal and professional happiness, we don’t need to add more things – we simply need to subtract.  Imagine what your life might be if you take certain activities out of it? The career expert Jeff Haden prepared a list of things we would be better off without. So here they come…

If you want to be happy  stop… 

….  Accusing.  People make mistakes. You too make mistakes. The employees don’t perform at the level you would want them to, the distributors are late again, however accusations are not the best idea, or at least you might want to look at yourself first. Maybe if you had train your employees better, or had spare products in your storage, you wouldn’t mind the late distributors.

stop accusing if you want to be happy

Taking the responsibility, instead of accusing is not masochistic. That will make you stronger, better, smarter next time and you will be more focused to get things done the right way.

 ….Trying To Impress. No one likes you better because of your clothes, your car, or your job. Or at least not in that honest manner that you would want people to like you. Remember, your expensive clothes, devices and your position in society are just “things”. People like these “things”, but that doesn’t mean they will like YOU. What has the potential to make you really happy are the real relationships in your life and if you want to be loved, you don’t have to try to impress.

Trying to impress people takes too much energy, one you could use to be happy!.

…. Sticking To What’s Known To You. When you are scared or insecure, you hold on even tighter to what’s familiar to you. You do it even when you know the “familiar” no longer works for you. Doing this for long time, almost always guarantees you unhappiness. However, if you try harder to look and fight for the things that you really need, odds are, you are really going to feel happier. Even if you don’t succeed entirely, you will feel better that you tried.

….Interrupting. Interrupting only shows your poor manners. It is rude and ruins the communication between two people. In addition, it shows that you are listening just so you can figure out what to say. Listen to what people have to say and think more about their words, instead of yours. If you interrupt, you have no idea what you might miss. Furthermore, when people perceive you as a good listener, they will draw closer to you and you will win them for good!

Be an active and empathic listener. Try to learn more about yourself, while listening to other people. Here is one very interesting viewpont on outrospection and empathy. 

….Nagging. Your words have power… and mostly on you. Once upon a time, I loved to share my dreams with more people. Not because I wanted them to encourage me, or because I needed their opinion, but because everytime I told someone what I dreamt about, I get to hear it out loud from my own mouth and that gave me strength to carry on. In the same way nagging can negatively affect your relationships both personal and professional.

…. Controlling. No one likes to be controlled. Instead of controlling, guide people, mentor them, tutor them, but don’t keep them under control. No one likes to be in a controlling relationship. Don’t force your opinion and your ways of work on other people. Besides, wouldn’t you like it better if people decide  to do something for you independently?

…. Being Afraid. We are all afraid from what tomorrow might bring, from what we might not be able to achieve, from the things we might miss. We are afraid that the people we love might change and that our loved ones might get colder. But while we are afraid time goes by, days, weeks, months go buy and we miss 100% of the shots we didn’t make, because we were too afraid! 1 John 4:18 says: “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

Lana Jane Fox

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