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Beautiful Bronze Home Accents

22 Oct , 2014  

Bronze, being far less shimmery than other metals has often been overlooked in modern interior design in favour of bright shining gold and silver surfaces. As interior styles are shifting however, the traditional, subtle and demure glow offered by bronze is something that is set to take off once again.

While bronze is not as bright shining, it’s understated elegance makes it the perfect match for contemporary interiors. Depending on your current decor and the style you want to emulate, there are different types of fixtures, hardware, furniture, lamp styles and other bronze accents you can add to your home.

Pineapple Bronze Lamp

Credit: Go Lights

While there is the contemporary use of bronze to create edgy, strong lines to meet the demands of the more popular designs of today, there’s also the traditional and nostalgic use of bronze that often harks back to the styles of the 16th and 19th centuries when bronze was a commonly used alloy. Ways to incorporate bronze elements at home

Bronze mirror frames

A framed mirror is a wonderful way to add presence to your foyer or bathroom. Bronze makes the perfect statement piece whilst adding a subtle shine that’s not garish or overstated. Bronze wall accents are so versatile too, as they match with all colour palettes.

Tap ware

Bronze gives an exquisitely antique feel to any room. Bronze tap ware hasn’t been popular for some time now but is steadily making a comeback. Against crisp white and neutral tones in the bathroom or kitchen bronze tap ware creates a stylish, old world antique look instantly.

Light fixtures

Bronze Desk Lamp

Image Credit: Go Lights

Bronze light fixtures are a wonderful way to add warmth to your home. Pendant lights and lamps are not only functional, but they are decorative items as well. You can either go for something with a contemporary design or choose a table lamp that has been designed with antique brass lamps in mind.

bronze Lamp

Image Credit: Go Lights

Other bronze accessories for the home

Bronze statues and figures are another great way to add some precious metals to your home’s decor. Search in op shops and in vintage stores for one off, interesting shapes and decorative bronze items. When you are looking at adding some metallic shine to your home don’t overlook bronze as a classic, sophisticated choice that’s easily matched with a range of home interiors.

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