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Four Amazing Homemade Beauty Products

1 Aug , 2013  

DIY Beauty Products

For quite some time I was thinking about all the horrible things large beauty industries put in our cosmetics and I was frankly put off the idea of paying for these. In addition, very often the products we buy from supermarkets are tested on animals and don’t get me started on how I loathe animal testing. Here is another fun fact for you, the majority of products contain parabens, which are found in a large percentage of the breast cancer tissue. Now, why on earth would I want that?


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Why Crafting With Your Hands Is Better For You

25 Jul , 2013  

Working and crafting with your hands

When we were kids all of us wanted rewarding heroic jobs like being a doctor, police officer, fireman, singer and others, is that right? Actually this is the right approach to any career according to research, as it turns out that people who are crafty, talented and skilful show higher job satisfaction.

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Be Happy – Don’t Do The Following…

6 May , 2013  


In a recent TV show I watched – Game of Thrones, one of the main character said something striking: “Their days are too long and their lives are too short!” Have you ever had the feeling your days and your life is heading in that direction?Happiness is a much cherished goal for each and every one of us. Often in the equation of life in order to achieve personal and professional happiness, we don’t need to add more things – we simply need to subtract.  Imagine what your life might be if you take certain activities out of it? The career expert Jeff Haden prepared a list of things we would be better off without. So here they come… More…

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The Psychological Benefits of Owning a Pet

2 Apr , 2013  

benefits of having a dog

A few days ago I shared my story with the jack Russell Joe and the cat Alice. Stephen and I had to take care of them, while their two owners were away on a trip. I got myself thinking, why would people pay for a pet, clean a mess they haven’t made, pay for food and put in so much effort into taking care of it? Then all the psychological benefits of owning a fluffy friend started flooding my mind. And they are many! I will briefly discuss a few.


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Eating In Bed – Pro’s and Con’s

29 Jan , 2013  

hate cleaning, but love eating in bed

There are so many things I could say about eating in bed – it is both tempting, comfy and makes you wonder how something so awesome could actually be bad for you! When it comes to eating in bed every house has its own rules.


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How To Enhance Your Productivity

17 Jan , 2013  

How to Enhance Your Productivity

Finding inspiration and being productive usually comes naturally. However in our stressful, grey daily lives it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and burned out. For this reason I am here to offer you 12 tips for productivity that give results.  More…


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My New Year’s Resolution: Stay Clean And Fit

15 Jan , 2013  

hate cleaning, but love keeping fit

How many of you have promised themselves to lose weight in 2013? How many of you want to be better housekeepers and want a cleaner and clutter free home in 2013? I wished for both and the best part is that both can be achieved in the same time. It turns out that domestic chores help you burn calories. You may try to run from cleaning, which will also burn some calories, but if you stick around you will find out how performing certain chores can help you achieve the desired figure.


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How To Fight Oversleeping

20 Dec , 2012  


Overslept again? Still tired? This is for you!


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