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DIY Pot Decoration

25 Mar , 2014  

Twig Flower Pot

There are many ways in which you can bring new life to old items and in the case of this old flower pot – it is easy too! More…

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Hide Away the Ironing Board

28 Feb , 2014  

Ironing Board Hack

​I like to reclaim wasted space around the home wherever possible, but more than that I do not like to have items that are just laying around the home and constantly getting in the way. Here is an idea how those of you who are annoyed by the ironing board and dislike it with a passion can hide it away… Behind a mirror, for instance.  More…

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How To Make a Lace Candle Holder

20 Dec , 2013  

Lace Candle Holders

Light is important and when it comes to decorating the table for the holidays, doubly so! Here is a romantic and adorable idea perfect for the holidays and every other occasion where you would want to add ambience and charm to your table and dining room. This project is extremely easy and even people who are new to DIY would manage it.


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How To Decoupage a Fridge

19 Aug , 2013  


Since the decoupage projects I collected a while ago, sparkled quite a lot of interest in people, I decided to do some more research on how to decoupage a fridge.  It wasn’t very easy, but that’s what I found as information online. I hope it is useful!


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What Do You Need To Know About Knitting

29 Jul , 2013  

All About Knitting For Beginners

As Tsuyoshi Ito once said: “No matter how advanced technologically becomes, there is always going to be someone who wants to learn how to knit!” The truth is God created us to work with our hands and we have talents, imagination, inspiration and ability todevelop skills in order to get crafty and get working. When we knit and work with our hands, they are doing all the “thinking” and the mind is at peace. This is one reason why knitting is so beneficial for us.  More…

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Why Crafting With Your Hands Is Better For You

25 Jul , 2013  

Working and crafting with your hands

When we were kids all of us wanted rewarding heroic jobs like being a doctor, police officer, fireman, singer and others, is that right? Actually this is the right approach to any career according to research, as it turns out that people who are crafty, talented and skilful show higher job satisfaction.

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The Art of Decoupage

20 Jul , 2013  


Translated from French, “decoupage” means “to cut out”,  and the art of decoupage is consistent in the “the decoration of the surface of an object with paper cut-outs.” This process gives the cut-outs an appearance of depth and an impression that the pattern is actually painted on the object. Decoupage is a really funny way to decorate almost any object you can come up with. This art is mainly used on objects like small boxes, plates, vases, or candles. Nowadays, though, it is increasingly applied on furniture too, such as coffee tables, cabinets and even fridges etc. You can freshen up old furniture and mask scratches and signs of wear&tear.


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Now You Can Have The Modern Bathroom Of Your Dreams

17 Jul , 2013  

Modern Designer Bathroom

The bathroom is all in all a few sq metres large, but it is still a very important room in your house, yet, unfortunately very often overlooked. Even though it is not a place where you spend most of your time, when compared to the kitchen or the living room, for instance, it is still crucial to design and decorate it with taste. Here are a few ideas and some wildly artistic bathrooms to enhance your imagination.  More…

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A Few Decoration Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

9 Jul , 2013  

Decorations For Home

Have you heard the expression that it is the little things that make a big difference. The secret to transforming your home and achieving the dreamy look is very simple – pay attention to the details. The details – the bowl on the coffee table, the soft pillows on the upholstery, the creative lamp near your bed are all things that if carefully chosen will make each room look complete.


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Gorgeous Living Space Ideas

19 May , 2013  

love these ideas!

If you want to spruce up certain areas of your home, here is a collection of ideas I have been collecting for a while now! Most of them are low-cost and will work in almost every home!


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Setting Up A Working Area At Home

9 Apr , 2013  

work from home

If you have the privilege to work from home, you are one of the few lucky people who get to spend their eight hours of work in the comfort of their home. Well, it might actually be more than eight hours, since according to someone: “Being your own boss is great, it means you get to decide which 18 hours you want to work.” Whether it will be 8 or 18 hours, it is important that you have a comfortable places that enhances your productivity. Here comes the tricky bit.  More…

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Cool Home Improvements For Hot Days

10 Jan , 2013  

hate cleaning and heat

Steven and I came back from rainy cold London (2-3 degrees) in order to find out that Australia is having a record-breaking heat wave followed by enormous bushfires! It was then that I realized how much of a negative effect this change in temperature will have on our bodies. Then, of course, I was thankful to God for air conditioners and I started thinking what are the other home improvements that could help you keep cool in times like this.