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Clean Slate – My Newest Venture

19 Jan , 2015  

Australia’s newest online magazine full of only the most glamorous design ideas and trends.

I don’t know why new beginnings and long breaks always seem to inspire me, but I can confidently say last year seems like a lifetime ago! Somewhere between my last day at work and New Year’s Eve I managed to find my peace and confidence! This marked my days off with tremendous relief and much enjoyed family time that I couldn’t have wished for otherwise. Not only I decided that I will keep my peace no matter what my eyes see and my ears hear, but I came back full of creative ideas and tons of determination to carry each and every one of them.

My first project was inspired by the amazing content some of my contributors crafted for I Hate Cleaning. I will always be grateful to them for their efforts and their creativity! Somehow I just didn’t want their inspiring words and useful advice to be forgotten, so I came up with ‘Clean Slate’ – an interior design and decoration magazine that will contain some of the hottest trends in interior design and practical tips on how to organize your place.

In the first issue of ‘Clean Slate’ I summarized some of the design trends that will rock the stage in 2015 as reported by Jayde Ferguson. I also discussed the industrial-like look of modern homes and how grey is incorporated with lighting fixtures from two centuries ago to achieve a raw industrial look. In the kitchen this raw look can be achieved by hanging copper and metal cookware.

Even, though modern homes appear edgy and a bit cold, natural materials like driftwood and lush greens can still be incorporated to add a touch of nature. Finally, there are a few interesting laundry room organisation ideas and ‘steal the look’ images that will help you find just the right accessories, lighting features and pieces of furniture for achieving brilliant results.

Lana Jane Fox