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Creating A Guest Bedroom You’d Be Happy To Sleep In

31 Mar , 2015  

Because the guest bedroom is not a place to dump your old furniture… A few weeks ago, I shared with you the story when I had to quickly clean my guest bedroom for an unexpected overnight visitor. However, if you use your guest bedroom as a dumping point for all sorts of furniture (like I do sometimes), even quick cleaning might not be enough. Here are Katie Preston Toepfer’s tips for creating a guest bedroom you’d be happy to sleep in.

Ahh the guest bedroom… The room in the home that often gets lumped with the quilt cover you’re tired of using on your own bed, followed by a host of nick-nacks and furniture items you can’t bare to throw away, yet they simply don’t match with the rest of your home.

The good news is, just by making a few simple changes you can transform your guest bedroom into a room in your home that you also enjoy spending time in. Who knows, you might even want to put a desk in there and use part of the space as your home office!

Quick tips for an overnight spare room transformation:

Spare room should not equal home hand me downs: Make the spare room appear fresh and vibrant by investing in some new sheets and quilt cover set. In most spare rooms the bed takes up a considerable amount of space so by doing this you’ll instantly give the entire room a lift.

Get rid of the clutter

If you have items that you simply can’t part with, consider storing them away. No room in your home should be cluttered and your guest room shouldn’t become a dumping ground for miscellaneous items and this includes furniture items too.

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Light up the room

The correct lighting in any room of the home can make a big difference. Overhead lighting (dimmers or not) is not sufficient to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere in your guest bedroom. Ensure that you have at least one table lamp beside the bed that compliments the colours of the new bed linen you’ve purchased. If you’ve got a stock standard overhead light fixture, think about having a decorative pendant light installed. This will ultimately complete the guest room transformation process guaranteed.

Little extras

To make the space even more pleasant, add some flameless candles to a side board, shelf or chest of draws. Purchase an indoor plant to breathe life into the space and clean the air. Finally, use a small basket to put guest soaps in and display this on the dresser or side table for your visitors to enjoy.

Make the pledge

Once the transformation is complete, make a pledge to yourself that you’ll never use the guest room again as a place to store random bits and pieces. You’ve done the hard work, now you just need to keep it as it is.

Do you have a guest room and how did you organise it?

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