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Creative Home Innovations: Transforming a Corner Living Space

19 Feb , 2015  

We all have them in our homes. It’s that one corner which doesn’t really serve a definite function other than adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room. The most common things that can be seen there would be a lamp, statue, vase, side table or display cabinet. It may add to the overall appeal of the room but it doesn’t really add to its functionality.
With the growing trend of owning small houses and condominiums over villas and mansions, there is also a pressing need to maximize the available space. Creative interior decorators have come up with some ingenious home innovations to make the most out of every corner living space.
These brilliant decorators suggest three styles to choose from, namely: Gallery Corner, Reading Nook, and Corner Office.

Gallery Corner

What is it?

A Gallery Corner is a special place in the home that displays the pictures of all the priceless memories that the family has. From big milestones like weddings and graduations to the small but special ones like Jimmy’s first bike ride, the gallery corner displays all these treasured moments for everyone to view. Guests can admire these photos during their visits and would serve as instant conversation starters. Family members and friends could look at these pictures and relish the sweet feelings of nostalgia that they bring.

Home Innovations for Corner Spaces

Image Source: Love Chic Living

Why is it brilliant?

Social Networking Sites and Photo sharing websites have made the idea of printing pictures almost archaic. But despite this, families still keep pictures of the milestones in their lives. Old family pictures can also be immortalized by being given a special place in the home. It is an avenue for everyone to share and remember.

How do you set it up?

Simply place selected pictures in picture frames. You may opt to buy a single themed set or choose a variety of different picture frames following one underlying theme. The pictures can then be hanged on the wall following a straight or asymmetric pattern. Or they could also be placed on off – the–rack shelves for a sleek looking photo display. Complete the corner by adding a soft rug and a cozy armchair.

Reading Nook

What is it?

Between juggling house chores and work, there will come a point where you just want to sit down and take a break from it all. A place where you could curl up with a good book and get lost in the world that the writer has made just for you. Tune out the noise and stress while flipping through the pages and sipping on your cup of steaming hot coffee.

Home Improvements for Corner Spaces

Image Source: Painted by Prestige

Why is it brilliant?

The reading nook simulates the feeling of being in an enclosed area thus giving you the solitude that you seek without having to add another room to the house. It provides instant access to light reading and it also doubles as a place to study or review without feeling pressured by the desk or classroom type setting.

How do you set it up?

Place a window seat made from stock cabinetry. The books can be placed in the cabinets below the seat and it eliminates the need for bulky shelves that eat up space. The length of the seat allows the reader to stretch out and really relax. Throw in some small pillows and it would also be great place to take a quick cat nap.

Corner Office

What is it?

The corner office is a small space in the house where one can work at home. It is ideal for those who have decided to work from home or those who don’t really require much space to work on.

Home Innovations for the Corner Space

Image Source: Blue Hortensia

Why is it brilliant?

There will always be days when taking work home is unavoidable. More often than not, the dining table becomes the pseudo work space during these scenarios. That is why having a small but functional work space readily available at home would be an ideal solution to these kind of scenarios.

How do you set it up?

To really maximize the space, set up two shelves with different spaces or cubbies. Use a high stool as your chair and place the laptop, printer and any other device or materials that you would always be using on top. The top part serves as the desk itself while the spaces below would serve as your storage space for files, supplies, etc.
These three wonderful home innovations were brought to you by one of our new favourite DIY home improvement blogs. So what are you waiting for! Give these ideas a shot and make any corner space both aesthetic and functional!

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