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Some Curious and Quirky Valentine’s Day Facts

11 Feb , 2016  

You can call me a hater, but I was never really a great fan of Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t hate romance. In fact I literally live for everyday, casual romance – the little things, you know!

I can’t brag a romantic husband, but I do see often little gestures that are more precious than overpriced Valentine’ s Day roses and to prove that, I found some quite curious facts about the holiday to show you what people love the most on Valentine’s Day and to prove you that some will do all sorts of crazy things for love.

#1 Love Your Pet

3% of pet owners give Valentine’s gifts to their pets on Valentine’s Day.

#2 Love Me or I’ll Dump You

53% of women in America would dump their boyfriend if they did not get them anything for Valentine’s Day.

I believe the whole Valentine’s Day industry counts on that!

Valentine's Day Facts

#3 Love Yourself if He Doesn’t Love You

14% of women send flowers to… themselves. After all everyone wants to keep appearances. Who knows maybe this will encourage real men to send flowers.

Now seriously, it could be quite depressing to scroll down Instagram and see people hugging, kissing, holding enormous bouquets and stuffed hearts.

#4 Love Other People’s Relationships

It is a fact that no relationship is like the other and if yours is not that romantic, you may still feel left out on Valentine’s Day. A lot of women start comparing on that day and end their relationships based on how other relationships look. And, indeed, #2 is not the only reason why people break-up after Valentine’s day. It puts pressure on individual people as well as on relationships as a whole. It is all a game of which couple is more in-love, who received more roses and who looks happier. Or maybe a few other couples got engaged and the couple you are in feels stuck since, like forever. Valentine’s Day can do this to you.

#5 Love To Call It Quits

Since the Valentine’s Day industry marks an incredible growth and profit estimated at billions of dollars worldwide, the whole “let’s celebrate love” thing is encouraged by all kinds of media known to men. This creates enormous pressure for people who are single, recently divorced, separated or widowed. They are supposed to feel happy, in love and on top of the world, but for some reason they can’t. This is known as the Broken Heart Syndrome. Following from that it should come as no surprise that the two weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day mark records in both attempted suicides and suicides. In addition suicide hotlines receive twice as many crisis calls on Valentine’s day.

#6 Love To Love You

Around 11,000 babies are conceived on Valentine’s Day in the United States. Maybe that can make a difference and help balance things out (keeping in mind the suicides), but that is just if we are looking at things statistically.

Valentine's Day

#7 Love To Waste on You

In the two week period leading up to Valentine‚Äôs Day, American sales of gold jewelry lead to 34 million metric tons of waste. According to professional rubbish clearance experts, there are many ways in which this can go badly. Talking about St. Valentine’s Day crap!

#9 Love To Propose To You

11% of proposals will happen on St. Valentine’s day

#10 Love To Forbid You

St. Valentine’s Day is banned in Saudi Arabia. In fact the religious police in Saudi Arabia has caught five Saudi men and sentenced them to jail for 32 years and 4,500 lashes for holding a Valentine’s Day party. Despite the harsh penalties, people could still be spotted buying roses and heart-shaped chocolates, but mostly in secret.

#10 Love To Spend on You

Men are well-known for their attitude towards St. Valentine’s Day, but now you will see why they hate it. On average men spent twice as much on this day.

Men: $158.79

Women: $75.71

Valentine's Day Curious Facts

#11 Love Them Rose Petals

196 million roses are produced and grown for St. Valentine’s Day, 73% of which are bought by men

#12 Love To Encourage You

IKEA Australia gave away coupons for free cribs for babies born on 14th of November, which is exactly 9 montsh after St. Valentine’s day.

Lana Jane Fox

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