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Delicious Home-Made Cake From Scratch

7 May , 2015  

I found out about this recipe from my mum and after I tasted her cake there was no way I could leave it without making one myself.

The first time I truly got plenty of compliments was when I brought it to work and shared it with my colleagues. So it is a great cake to prepare for guests, or when you are going somewhere.

What else makes this cake so amazing? It is very easy to make. There is no way to get it wrong, especially if you add all ingredients using table spoons as instructed.


9 tbs white flour;

9 tbs white sugar (could be done with brown too);

1 tbs baking powder;

1 tsp vanilla powder, or a few drops of vanilla extract;

7 tbs Greek yogurt;

1 egg;

4 tbs of cooking oil;

Strawberry jam (or whatever kind you have handy, home-made is good too);


Get a big bowl and add the flour, sugar, baking powder and vanilla extract. Mix well before adding the rest of the ingredients. Pour the 7 table spoons of Greek yoghurt, the cooking oil and raw egg (make sure you’ve taken it out of the fridge in advance – it needs to have room temperature). Mix well all ingredients until you have a homogenous mixture. Pre-heat your oven at 190 degrees C and pour the mixture in a baking tray with some oil on its bottom and sides. It should be done in 30-40 minutes maximum.

Useful tip: When the cake is ready spread the jam all over it, while it is still hot after which, you can leave it for a couple of hours. It needs its time to cool. Cover the cake to keep it fresh.

Lana Jane Fox

Lana Jane Fox is a young, aspiring housewife, currently living in North Melbourne. At present her primary job is to be a good wife and a helpmeet to her husband and only after that she describes herself as a marketing executive and a blogger. When she is not knitting, cleaning, cooking, or experimenting with DIY projects, Lana is planning her next road trip, or spends precious time with her husband. She dreams of having a baby boy, a Welsh Corgi dog and a house with a fireplace and a garden where she can grow organic food.


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