hate cleaning, but love dining room designs

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Dining Room Designs of 2013

16 Jan , 2013  

In this post I will present you with the dining rooms of 2013. Needless to say, the dining room is one of the most important in your house. Historically it had a huge importance, but nowadays it is often adjacent with the kitchen or the living room. This, however, doesn’t make it less important. On the contrary, you have a larger responsibility to carefully choose the furniture and the design of your dining room, so that it fits with your kitchen, or living room furniture.

Not many of you will remember, but people before used to have china cabinets and serving carts in their dining rooms. The only reason why I remember this is because my grandmother still keeps hers. Dining rooms used to be quite formal and stuffed with things. Nowadays people opt for more minimalistic designs. Light, texture, pattern, colour and space have replaced china cabinets, chandeliers and carts. To many, modern designs may seem uninviting, but according to me hard-edged furniture, earthly tones and bold colours are very visually engaging and inviting.

So without further adieu, I present to you the kitchen designs of 2013.

1. White Modern Dining Furniture. If you love minimalistic décors, the white contemporary dining set is perfect for you.

hate cleaning, but love dining room designs

 If you find white a rather cold colour and would like to personalize your dining room, add an area rug in warth earth tones. This will create unique ambience and cosyness.

hate cleaning but love dining room designs

On the contrary, in order to spice up your dining room, you can add a carpet with a bold contrasting colour. All comes down to the feeling you would like to create.

hate cleaning, but love dining room designs

2. Wooden Dining Set. Wood is still one of the most preferred materials for dining room furniture. It is warm, natural and gives any room an ambience.

hate cleaning, but love dining room designs

It’s like you are having a picnic outside!


hate cleaning, but love dining room designs

3. Leather. Leather might be more expensive, but it hides many benefits. First of all, it comes in a variety of colours.

hate cleaning, but love dining room

You can spice up any type of dining room with colourful leather chairs.

hate cleaning, but love dining room designs

Secondly, leather doesn’t wear as easily as other fabrics. In addition, it is easier to maintain and clean after a spill occurs.


4. Couch and bench instead of chairs. That’s something new! Modern dining rooms now make more use of couches and benches around the dining table. It may sound weird, but there are no words to describe, how good these look. When words are not enough, here are some pictures.

hate cleaning, but love dining room designs

In addition, couches and benches have the benefit to accommodate an extra person. It might be a bit squishy, but you have that option. This makes them an excellent solution for smaller room.

hate cleaning, but love dining room designs

5. Chairs. They don’t have four legs anymore. I don’t know if you have noticed, but most chairs in the pictures are of the so called Cantilever chair type. They don’t have back legs and are supported entirely by the front ones, which are designed to hold all the weight. That seems to be the tendency now.

i hate cleaning, but love dining chairs

As you have probably noticed there is a carpet or an area rug underneath each table. This seems to be a must. Think about it and check the carpets of 2013.

Oh, well! I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did! Expect more hot interior designs soon.

Lana Jane Fox

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