Twig Flower Pot

There are many ways in which you can bring new life to old items and in the case of this old flower pot – it is easy too!

Twig Flower Pot

Image Credit: NiniMakes

Here is an idea that is both pretty and cheap. Are you ready to make your first flower pot in rustic style?You will need:

  • PVC container of your chosen size;
  • Burlap, the size of which will depend on the size of your container;
  • Hemp String;
  • Wooden twigs of equal length,
  • Glue or silicone;

The size of your PVC container will basically determine how much burlap you need and the size and height of your twigs and other elements.

twig pot decoration

Image Source: Homesthetics


Measure the container add 2-3 cm and cut a piece of burlap accordingly. Wrap it tightly around the container, then secure with glue or silicone. Take your chosen wooden twigs and cut them so they are equal in height.

Use the hemp string and connect them by braiding. Glue them to the burlap and wrap them up. Wait for the glue to dry and check out whether everything is sealed and on its place.

Voila! It makes a great gift as well!

For a container you can use everything – even a plastic bottle of mineral water:

Here is another example of how to use twigs to decorate a pot.

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