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Find The Secrets To Getting Your Home Organised

22 Jul , 2014  

Is there a secret to home organisation? I don’t think there is any secret, but there are certainly some definite tried and true guidelines you can follow to keep on top of the clutter and help run the house smoothly. The old saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” may sound trite and overused, but is the basis for all organising.

I have adapted it for my personal mantra:

Mantra To Get Yourself Organized

The kitchen bench always seems to be the premier dumping ground. This can be fine in the interim when you walk in the door and just need to free your hands; it’s just when the items are still there quite some time later that indicates perhaps there isn’t a place for everything that has been established in the home. So the key is to find a ‘home’ for every item. Find each item a place, and only one place, where that item should be kept. It makes it so easy to keep on top of the clutter; no indecision on where to put it. That item has a home and home it goes.

Labelling helps any lost items find their way home again. Labelling helps each person in the house to clearly know where items go. Even more important it helps show each person where items don’t go. Labelling helps maintain those spaces.

Once you’ve established a place for all your items, and you have them neat, take a photo of the cupboard, or drawer to remind you not only what is kept there, but how the storage area looks. You can start to see if items are slipping in that shouldn’t be there, or if the area starts to get untidy and needs another spruce up. You could print a copy and place inside the relevant cupboard as a quick reference.

Maintenance is always the key to keeping spaces in order. If you start to see little clutter piles on the kitchen bench and through the house, do a quick ten minute walk around the house with a tub or box and put things away as you go from room to room. So what are two of the ‘secrets’ for on-going organisation? Have a place for everything, and maintain that place regularly to keep your home clutter-free.


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