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Five Awesome Personalised Gifts for Mother’s Day

2 May , 2016  

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday 8th May, for those of you who may have forgotten!) and now is the perfect time to start planning a special surprise for your mumma.

Especially those whose mothers live in a different state or country, the date is something that always seems to creep around quickly. And if it’s happened to slip your mind a few times in the past, this year is the one to really make an impression. Hence why we’ve gotten in early with some hot tips for the lovely lady in your life!

This year – go above and beyond the bottle of wine or dressing gown (although we can all use an extra bottle of vino…!) Finding a personalised gift is the best and most cost-effective way to show your mum how much you really do appreciate everything she’s done.

From home cooked delights to DIY goodies, you don’t have to be a creative genius to find something a little different. For some inspiration, take a look at our personalised gift guide below:

1. Jewellery Keepsake

Every female loves jewellery and because it can be a very personal choice, it’ll definitely hit the sweet spot for mum. Make sure you are familiar with her tastes for this one and if you’re a little unsure consult someone else in the family or opt for something simple. Think a stunning charm bracelet you can add too for other special occasions or a simple necklace or a ring.

Mother's Day Jewellery

Lockets can be nice gifts for mum too and can give her the opportunity to put her own photo in or add one for her. To really personalise the gift, consider having the piece engraved at the back.

2. Create a Personalised Hamper of Her Favourite Goodies

Anyone can go and pick a nice looking hamper of tasty treats, purchase it and give it to mum. But what about going to the effort of actually customising it for her – and her only? Not only does it personalise the gift so she’s getting all her favourite goodies, but it ensures you don’t get anything in there that’s just going to go to waste or be repurposed into someone else’s gift.

Create your own customised Mother’s Day hamper full of delicious treats you know your mum will enjoy. Whether you theme it for a few health kick goodies (that are still tasty as!) or go for something a little sweeter and sugary, pamper items and of course a bottle of bubbles or vino to keep her happy.

Personalised hampers will give you complete control over what you want to spoil mum with this year and she’ll love the effort you’ve gone to handpicking the treats. Who knows, she may even share one or two with you!

3. Get Cooking

Food is one of the best ways to spoil anyone and if you think of all the times your mum has cooked for you, then it makes sense to give back. You don’t have to be a Master Chef to whip something spectacular up – find a simple recipe of her favourite food or create your own ‘My Kitchen Rules’ feast by getting everyone in the family involved and mum can decide which one is best (if not all!).

Breakfast in bed is a no fail option and super easy if you’re not great in the kitchen. Ideal for those mum’s that really could do with a morning off, you can go for some berry pancakes with fresh crème, homemade fruit salad or a full big breakfast. Any mum will be happy to enjoy the sleep in and there’s something about eating breakfast in bed on a Sunday that really is the ultimate winner.

Breakfast in Bed

4. Be Inspired by DIY

There’s a lot of fun to be had with DIY; from simple creations to put thought into the mother’s day gift to ones that will really ‘wow’ her. Consider what she’s really into – whether it be drinking wine, getting out in the garden, or decorating the home with unique décor pieces. If she’s a wine lover, you can create an easy wine glass terrarium or a DIY wine bottle lamp for the house. If she’s into gardening then build a small vertical garden out of old crates or wood boxes or create her own personalised herb garden.
Pinterest is loaded with DIY gift ideas ranging from really easy to extreme craftiness skills required.

Create a pamper pack with DIY bath bombs and scrubs or get arty with some DIY relaxing soy candles for her to relax by. There’s heaps of ideas to get inspired by so find something that reflects your mum’s interests and your DIY skills. Don’t forget there’s lots you can create without any DIY skills too! For the simplest of designs – creating a personal photo scrapbook for mum will go a long way. We all know how mums get with old pictures and those feel-good memories!

5. Repurpose the Old into Something New

Turning junk into treasure is a fun and cost-effective way to create a unique gift for mum – and it’s great for the environment too. Having a few DIY skills is definitely handy, but not essential, as you still have the freedom to pick a simple creation or one that’s more difficult.

From pallet projects, old boxes into wall art, record vinyl creations or restored windows as a photo display board; the possibilities are endless. Again, Pinterest will be your best friend for these ideas (or the Internet in general) or check out a few ways waste has been repurposed into something wonderful.

Repurposed Flower Pot

Getting inventive with personalised gifts for mum this year is easier than you’d think. And the look on her face when she has seen the effort you’ve put in this time around will be priceless. What personalised gift will you go for?

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Just in Time Gourmet – the best selection of gourmet goodies to create your own customised Mother’s Day hamper. With a diverse range of gift hampers and gourmet food and drink products, there is something to quench every appetite. You can catch Jayde on Google+.

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