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Four Fun and Creative Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

11 Apr , 2014  

If you want to own it at decorating Easter eggs this year, here I will show you three creative and cheap techniques that won’t disappoint. ​If you ask yourself why bother to put the time and effort, remember that simply dipping eggs in paint is so 10 years ago. Now everyone is experimenting and I have to tell you the results are dazzling! Unleash your imagination and try something new this year.


#1. Decorate with nail polish.

For this project you will need:

1 Plastic cup;

3-4 different nail enamels. Pick colours that blend well;

 A dozen eggs

Please note: For this project you only colour the egg shells. Do not colour boiled eggs. Empty the eggs by piercing two small holes on the opposite site of the eggs.

Fill the plastic cup with water and spill 5-10 drops from each nail polish. You can mix a little bit with a tooth pick, but don’t mix too much so you can’t tell the colours. You can stick them on toothpicks until they dry. Voila! You can either use protective gloves, or clean your hands with nail polish remover afterwards.

#2. Decoupage

For the purpose of this project you’ll need:

A dozen eggs;​

2-3 beautiful napkins with floral patterns (or patterns of your choice);


Sharp scissors;

White paint;

Wooden sticks;


Empty the eggs and paint them in white. Alternatively you can buy white eggs, but as far as I know their shells are a bit thinner, so you might find it harder to work with. If you are painting use a brush and apply paint all over the eggs. Make sure it is an even coat. Let them dry by sticking them on the wooden sticks as shown below. In the mean time cut your napkins and prepare them for gluing. From there onwards you decoupage as usual. If you are wondering how this is done, here is an article that says all about it:

Easter Egg Decouapge

#3. Decorate with egg shells.

This is quite an unusual, but a very effective way to decorate your eggs. When we decorate and boil eggs there are always those ones that “didn’t make it”. Start keeping your cracked egg shells from now on, as you will use them for this project.

You’ll need:

Cracked egg shells;




Glue the coloured shells to your eggs (empty them first though). The bigger the contrast between the base and the pieces the more dazzling your eggs will become.

Mosaic Egg Decoration

#4. Decorate with silk


Scrap Silk/Silk tie;

80-100 ml vinegar;

Cotton dish cloth, or any other fabric;

You can use scrap silk, or cut a tie for this project. Wrap your eggs in the silk as tight as possible. Wrap again in a regular cotton fabric as shown on the image below. Place the eggs in cold water and then place on the hobs. Add 100 ml vinegar and boil them as you would normally do. After the eggs are boiled reduce the temperature of the hobs and leave for another 20 minutes.  Take out, unwrap and wait until they are completely dry. If you’ve cut your husband’s tie for the project, you might want to look for a hiding place.

There is an interesting article explaining why we decorate with Easter eggs and why we colour them. You can find it here (<- yeah, press this link).

Lana Jane Fox

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