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Global Family Day

1 Jan , 2014  

On the 1st of January the world marks the Global Family Day, or as also known One Day of Peace and Sharing. I decided to write about this day, because having a family is hard work you need to do everyday and I have a lot to share for the 1 1/2 years that I have been married. I also chose to write about this day because it coincides with the first day of the new year and I hope a lot of you will do some evaluation. 

Marriage is sweet and having a family of your own is rewarding. In the past 2012 I am thankful I got to experience what it feels like entering the home you share with your loved one. It is a magical feeling, almost unreal. Often, I forget about my worries and they vanish as I enter the doorstep.

In order to succeed in marriage, you must treat it as your masterpiece! Those of you who know how to draw know what it means to make hundreds of drafts before you start painting on the canvas, and even when you do, you approach your work with the utmost care! Being thorough, thoughtful and gentle to your spouse will ensure that you have a masterpiece to be proud of!

Marriage is easier when you work harder. I know it sounds like nonsense, but if you think about it, it is true! Nothing is easy in this life and sometimes I believe the world is designed to kill every little good that is left, such as joy, love, peace and faith. In order to preserve the beauty of your marriage, the respect, love and trust you and your spouse have for each other, you need to work hard. The majority of people believe that love should be all natural and it doesn’t need hard work or enhancers of any kind. These people make one mistake – they neglect their marriage.When I say hard work, I mean the hardest of all – the work you do on yourself, when you change yourself so that you can be a good spouse. Yes, you know what I mean – trimming your ego and enhancing your forgiveness. The same goes for putting the needs of your spouse over your own.

Marriage is hard, but it is harder if you are not a believer. You have to believe in something. If I say that it is best to believe in God and entrust Him with your marriage, most of you are not going to like it. But you need faith in order to succeed in whatever! At least believe in your love, in your spouse and in whatever brought you together. This is something I learned both from experience and from observation. Faith in God’s plan, almost always means that you believe He gave you this spouse for better or for worse. In this case you will know that whatever the problematic situations, God has a way out for you two!

Here are a few questions that might help you evaluate your relationships and what you can do differently: 

How can I improve my relationships?

 Have I been unfair to anyone?

What did my friends, family or loved ones teach me this year?

Did I show my spouse grace?

In what ways did my spouse empower or inspire me?

How did I influence, empower or help someone this year?

Who do I need to forgive?

Lana Jane Fox

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