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Go Home Hollywood! You Are Drunk!

12 Feb , 2013  

Very soon we will witness the 2013 Academy Awards. In my opinion this edition, as every other, is nothing more, but just  the movie industry giving itself a pat on the back and a few Oscars. Not so fast, this time, okay?! According to latest psychological research on teenage binge drinking, a large part of the responsibility for this social issue lies within the film industry. 

For those of you who don’t know, product placement in movies for cigarettes is  forbidden in the United States of America, however placing alcohol spirits and brands is perfectly fine. According to the research published in the on-line British Medical Journal (2012), children who watched movies featuring alcohol beverages and their intake were twice as likely to engage in binge drinking themselves. Participants were aged 10-14 and were followed up for two years.

 Results were clear. Those exposed to more alcohol consumption on TV were more likely to start drinking at an earlier age and proceed to binge drinking in their teens. This is easier keeping in mind how drinking is portrayed in movies. People of all social statuses, ages and occupations are doing it.  When you see a beverage on TV it looks attractive and desirable and the people who’s beverage that is, look cool and fun to be around with.

drinking in movies!

How Does It Work In Movies

Have you ever wondered what do they use in movies instead of cocaine, weed and alcohol, because lets face it , some actors will have a really hard time to act if they drink, as much as directors will have you believe.


When it is assumed that the characters are drinking whisky or liqueur of this kind, movie makers use weak tea. When it comes to vodka and other clear liquids, water does the trick perfectly.


Instead of cocaine, a lot of other ingredients are used for snorting when the script requires it. These include powdered milk, crushed vitamin B, baking powder, powdered sugar;

The real deal

Daniel Radcliffe claims he never drinks while at work, but admitted to going there still drunk from the previous night. In addition,  Nicolas Cage admitted to being drunk while shooting a few scenes of his Oscar award winning role as a suicide alcoholic. Maybe that explains it..

Lana Jane Fox

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