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Gorgeous Living Space Ideas

19 May , 2013  

If you want to spruce up certain areas of your home, here is a collection of ideas I have been collecting for a while now! Most of them are low-cost and will work in almost every home!

# 1 Using Colours – Long gone are the times when everything was painted in one and the same colour (usually white or grey) and nowadays you have all the freedom to experiment with colours in any way you find suitable. Oh, well, you still need to be careful! Just because you have an unlimited choice doesn’t always mean that eggplant purple combined with intense yellow colour makes the best combination. Also keep in mind that some colours require more cleaning and maintenance. Still though you can give freedom to your imagination,  unleash your creativity and show off your good taste! Here is the first gorgeous living space I found:

colourful home ideas

#2 For the Living Room – Did you know that soft, warm earth tone colours like beige, grey and warm brown actually stimulate and enhance conversation. A fun fact is that many therapists choose this colour for their offices. No wonder about that now! Here is one gorgeous idea that comes in blue and grey! I’ve always loved the combination of these two colour. I think the wedding photo also adds to the whole warm feeling. In addition, blue enhances read-willingness and stimulates productivity.

gorgeous living space

#3 The Bathroom – The bathroom is usually one of the most important rooms in your house and yet it is often neglected and overlooked. This results in the absence of creativity in a place where you actually spend quite a lot of time. Think about how great it would be to have an energizing, creative and inspiring bathroom like this one! It will fix your mood every morning and evening! That’s guaranteed!

gorgeous living space ideas

#4 The Bedroom – The bedroom is very important. It is after all the place where you spend some good 8 hours a day and you need to feel relaxed while in it. Here is a colourful idea for your bedroom that will help if you are particularly itching for a change. It doesn’t require that much of an effort – actually some colourful sheets are perfect to start with. Please also note the gorgeous chevron pattern on the wall!

the bedroom

#5 For the Kitchen and Dining AreaGreen dining area and kitchen seem trendy nowadays. One reason for that is that more and more housewives decide to try something bold in the kitchen where they are free to experiment anyway! This idea consists also of some rustic chairs painted in green. If you have old and unused chairs of this kind here is how you can transform them!

green and rusting kitchen and dining area

#6 For the Front Porch – A hammock sometimes seems like the obvious choice, but look at how wonderful it is to have one! Not only they are comfortable, you can play with colours, but you can even make one yourself!

gorgeous living space ideas

#7 For Kid’s Rooms – This gorgeous living space idea will do wonders for the imagination of your child! Kids just love to build forts and have tents in their rooms – it is particularly great when the weather sucks and there’s not much to do outside.

Kid's room tent

#8 The Abandoned Attic – If you are using your attic only as a dumping point, now it will be a good time to turn it into a spare guest bedroom. Look what an effect you could achieve with limited effort! Looks cozy and nice doesn’t it?

Attic ideas

Lana Jane Fox

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