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His & Hers Pillowcases

8 Oct , 2013  

When it comes to couples matching items, I have seen quite a lot of disasters, but it seems that you can’t go wrong with matching pillowcases. Everything I’ve seen so far seems cool, original and extremely cute! Check out some of the ideas I liked best!

#1 Dream of you. The only question is who will dream of who?

matching pillow cases
#2 Prince and Princess.

matching pillowcases

“And they lived happily ever after!”

#3  My side, your side.

matching pillowcases

“Okay, let’s settle it once and for all, shall we?”

#4 “Hi handsome, hello gorgeous!” Cause there’s nothing better than saying it nicely from time to time and these pillowcases will remind you!

Matching Pillowcases

#5 “You belong with me, I belong with you!” You can have custom made pillow cases like this with whatever quotes, verses and personal phrases you want and you will have your very own unique pillowcases.

Matching pillowcases

#6 Tonight vs. Not Tonight. That is the question. So what’s it gonna be?

matching couple pillowcases

#7 “I love you. I have a headache!” Fun and playful, this will always make you smile! Unless you are having a headache for real…. Or unless you are not the person pretending to have a headache 😉

I have a headache matching pillowcases

#8 “I am attracted to you!” Boldloft never fail to surprise when it comes to custom made pillowcases. Here is an example:

Matching Pillowcases

If you decide to get such pillowcases for yourself, I have to warn you that they will need a thorough care. It is likely that you will have to avoid washing them in the washing machine as the letters on them might wear quickly.  Professional cleaners from Brighton advise you to soak your custom made matching pillowcases in lukewarm water and a cup of white distilled vinegar. Vinegar prevents the colours from running.

Lana Jane Fox