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Housewives Tips for Regular Carpet Cleaning & Care

23 Sep , 2021  

Health studies show that carpets can be sources of harmful bacteria, in the context of non-regular maintenance. Therefore, this step is necessary, at all scales.

In addition to occasional wet cleaning, the secret to a durable and beautiful carpet is regular maintenance and cleaning solutions.

For this, several accessories will be useful:

  • A high-pressure vacuum cleaner.
  • Stain remover.

You worry that the colours of your carpet will fade when cleaning it: add a teaspoon of vinegar to your carpet shampoo.

If you spill anything, immediately blot it up with a blotter or paper towel. For liquid stains, sprinkle generously with salt and let sit for at least one hour before vacuuming. For solid stains, scrape the largest with the back of a knife. As soon as a stain appears, do not wait to react, it always becomes more difficult to remove as it dries.

Always attack the stain from its periphery towards the centre to avoid spreading it. Also, start by blotting before rubbing or brushing. As with your carpets, test the preparation you are going to use beforehand. Make sure that the product does not alter the colours on an inconspicuous corner of your carpet or rug.

When the stain is washed, rinse with cold water and dry well, with blotter or paper towels. The maintenance of the carpet also involves good regular brushing and vacuuming. If a solution does not work, allow it to dry completely before trying another method.

Sometimes, Stains Disappears After a While

Note, finally, that for cleaning and maintaining wool and synthetic carpets, acidic solutions based on lemon juice or vinegar work very well.

If your children came home from school with their shoes full of mud and your carpet has left traces of it, here’s how to fix it: pour a tablespoon of vinegar in a litre of water and rub the stains with this vinegar water. Then rinse with clean water and let dry before brushing.

Once a week, vacuum with insistence on the places of passage, for example, at the feet of the sofa. Do not hesitate to vacuum also in apparently inaccessible corners, such as behind the television or the green plant: these are where bacteria gradually settle, without you realizing it.

The stain remover will be a great help to treat localised stains, or for an occasional shampoo, once diluted in warm water.

From modern to classic, from small to large, rugs are the most loved and always used decorative accessories, especially in the presence of children and pets.

We crush them, we walk on them, and we stain them, without forgetting the natural deposit of atmospheric dust which feeds the mites.

So what can be done to clean them thoroughly without damaging them?

For perfect carpet maintenance, you can follow 5 simple tips:

1. Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning is essential to prevent mites and dust mites from nesting in the pile of the carpet. Airing and vacuuming it frequently is a good way to ward off allergies and keep the carpet looking perfect. But be careful not to beat them with a swatter to avoid damaging the knots and the snowflake. It is good to turn the carpet upside down by turning it to vacuum the part upside down as well.

2. Vacuum Cleaner and Electric Broom

To vacuum the carpet, the ideal instrument is the vacuum cleaner, which removes residues without damaging the flake.

If you use the electric broom, you must pay attention to the inserted brushes. Soft brushes are best. On the contrary, roller brushes are strongly discouraged, being too rigid they can damage and even cut the carpet.

3. Tasks

We’ve talked about routine carpet maintenance, but what to do if we accidentally spill a drink or food on our carpet?

To save the situation, it is necessary to act immediately by removing the liquid in access with absorbent paper. Immediately after, with neutral soap and water, dab on the stain and let dry.

4. Thorough Washing

It is advisable to always contact a specialised laundromat for washing the carpet, which must be done every year.

Thanks to the professional carpet cleaners’ products used in these laundries, the carpet will be perfectly cleaned hygienically without suffering any damage.

5. Some General Rules

For perfect maintenance of the carpet, especially if old ones, we also advise you to:

Protect the carpet from direct sunlight, to keep the colours brilliant.

Avoid household washing: incorrect use of the products can damage the carpet irreparably.

Avoid pressing on the carpet of plant vases with holes as water could come out and wet the hair, creating mould and stains.

Hygiene and cleaning are necessary to keep your home healthy and comfortable, therefore good carpet care should never be lacking, says waste expert Luke Hancock.

Beware of the Unexpected

The maintenance and cleaning of the carpet is an art: it requires time, but also a certain financial investment. To make your carpet all the more durable, it is advisable, at the time of installation, to install underpayments. These, in addition to having anti-noise properties, allow your carpet to keep all its vigour longer, without sagging.

In addition, take into account all the data when you imagine your daily maintenance: on the pricey side, it can quickly become expensive to pay for it yourself. Indeed, it takes $ 500 for a first-price carpet shampooer, double for a quality device. All this without counting the stain removers to buy at the same time or the time it takes you in your home.

Moreover, the other unforeseen of the most common, when you decide to clean your carpet alone, is a problem of dosage or drying. Too much stain remover, and there’s your damaged carpet, too much water, and it’s mouldy. Know how to adopt the right techniques, or contact a professional carpet cleaning company.

In the end, whether you decide to clean your carpet on your own, or with the help of your professional, there are still good reflexes to adopt from time to time to keep a clean and durable carpet with some clever cleaning tips. Follow them, it will only reduce your annual chore!

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