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How To Fight Oversleeping

20 Dec , 2012  

Overslept again? Still tired? This is for you!

Once in a while each and every one of us wants to spend a few extra hours in bed. After minimum of 40 hours of work at the office, doing domestic chores at home and attend to all sorts of annoying things, we all need to be pampered from time to time, or at least to be able to stay in bed for longer, even if we have to prepare our own breakfast. What should you do, if oversleeping causes you to be late for work, miss appointments and messes your life, like it almost did in my case? What happens though, when oversleeping becomes a habit, and it starts to create problems?The reasons to not want to wake up sometimes are deeper than expected. The signal that something is wrong. Whether it is depression, anxiety or something else, it has to be identified and dealt with.

In What Ways Is Oversleeping Actually Bad For You?

As it turns out, you CAN have too much of a good thing, and even though we all love to sleep, oversleeping comes with its side effects. It is often associated with the following:

1. Obesity. Obviously when you spend the majority of your time sleeping, you are less likely to go and exercise. This might lead to obesity. Slipping into inactiveness is also a reason for other diseases and disorders, but we will get there.

2. Diabetes. Insomnia and hypersomnia, respectively sleeping too much and not getting enough sleep are found to cause diabetes.

3. Headaches. If you have ever slept 12 hours a day or more (like myself), you have probably noticed the heavy head and the nasty headache you wake up with.

4. Depression. It is argued whether depression, causes you to sleep more or you are depressed, because you sleep more. For instance, when you have a problem, you just want to switch off, sleep and avoid thinking about it. That seems reasonable, but studies have also found that it works the other way around. When you have hypersomnia, you are also likely to develop depression.

How To Prevent Oversleeping?

Whether you oversleep just from time to time and are late for work, or your condition is constant, here are a few things you can do to start getting healthy amounts of sleep.

1. Cut antidepressants, prescribed medication and anything that causes you to sleep more. Unless you take those pills, because your life depends on it, there are many ways in which you can get rid of the disease, without causing your body to suffer additionaly.

2. Are you in love with sleep? Well, this love will end up in no good! There are people who love their bed, they feel comfortable and they love to sleep. I know that, because I am one of those people. Everytime I go to bed I feel comfortable, safe and warm and I love it. I start dreaming and it’s like I’ve went to the cinema. I just don’t want it to end. In that sense you should try to change your perception of sleep.

3.  Fill your days up and make plans. And by planning your day I don’t mean work, lunch, home, sleep. Adding more work and chores to your list will just put more pressure on you. I am talking about exciting things, that will make you want to get out of bed. Do something exciting everyday, something inspiring and something that is better than your dreams and your bed. Engage in new activities that you would actually be looking forward to and excited about.

4. Get really tired during the day. This is a part of all the engaging in activities that you love. There is no better feeling than coming home tired and feeling good about yourself and about the way you have spent your day. How will this help? Firstly, you will get better sleep. You may not sleep for 12 hours, but even 8 will be enough. In addition, if you have a messed up pattern, in which you cannot sleep in the morning and you must sleep during the day, this will fix it. If you work from home, or don’t engage in tiring activities, simply wash that carpet or do your chores.

5. Get a good alarm clock. Once I saw a picture of a rather interesting alarm clock. There were pins on the snooze button, so everytime the person decides to press it he/she gets a pinch. Sounds like a good idea.

6. Sleep at regular times. No extremes. Don’t go to bed every night at 11, and then at 4 am. This will mess up your sleeping routine.

Hopefully all this was helpful and now you have a better idea, how to cut your bad sleeping habit and wake up at normal times.

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