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How to Earn the Most Brownie Points this Valentine’s Day

3 Feb , 2017  

Cupid is set to shoot his bow and arrow February 14th, and unless you’re ready with something spectacular to surprise your loved one with, you may just miss out on earning some decent brownie points! Getting organised for Valentine’s Day early this year is a good place to start. Even the littlest things that make the biggest impacts require some thought, planning and inspiration. And if you want to avoid booking a dinner with every other couple out there, it’s time to start organising the night now.

Below are some of the top romantic gestures and Valentine’s Day gifts for you to plan this V-day. And if you’re anything like cupid and shooting for brownie points, these should certainly do the trick.

1. Plan a Pamper Evening at Home: 60 Brownie Points

If you like the idea of pampering your other half, then this idea is definitely for you! Encourage a night of pure relaxation from the comfort of your home, run the bath and deck the house out with spa essentials. There’s nothing more romantic than a sensual massage by candlelight with your favourite tunes and a bottle of bubbles to top it off. For an even better connection and a ‘time out’, turn the evening into a power outage pamper date. Turn out the lights and fuel the fire by switching off all electronics for the night. Complete with a candle lit dinner to really boost those brownie points.

Candlelit Dinner at Home for V-day

2. Give the Right Gift: 50 Brownie Points

There’s no denying that chocolates and flowers are treasured on Valentine’s Day but if you truly want to impress, find a gift that reflects your loved one’s interests and personality. Giving the right gift for any special occasion means paying attention to the little details. It doesn’t have to come with a pricey tag either, it just needs to be something that shows you’ve put a lot of thought into it. Get creative and make something or tap into an old conversation that revealed a possible gift idea you know they will love. V-Day hampers are a fantastic option too and can include a variety of great pieces in the one bundle. You’ll earn a few extra brownie points, as well, if you customise an existing V-Day hamper to suit the recipient.

3. Go All Out on a Home Cooked Meal: 40 Brownie Points

A great home cooked meal is something we should all be treated to any day of the week, but you can go all out for the special occasion and cook something really mind-blowing! Better yet, cook up a storm with a three-course meal and let your loved one sit back and relax as you bring out all the food. If you’re a couple that usually eats dinner on the couch in front of the TV, create a restaurant-like evening by bringing dinner outside under the stars or set the table with candles and wine to match the food. Get some recipe ideas here and consider theming the meals for extra points!

4. Send a Romantic Gift to Your Loved One’s Workplace: 35 Brownie Points

There’s nothing more exciting (and beautifully embarrassing!) than having a romantic gift sent to the workplace. Whether it’s a bunch of blooms, a cuddly toy or a V-Day balloon with a card, surprising your other half in front of their work colleagues will certainly make them remember the day. Not to mention, it’ll put a smile on their face and break up the mundane day at work. If your loved one doesn’t like public displays of affection, you can keep things a little subtler by sending something small and sweet. Or, text from outside their workplace with the gift and get them to quickly meet you.

A gift for Valentine's Day

5. Propose a Movie Night (and Let Them Choose!): 15 Brownie Points

Some nights, nothing beats curling up in bed or on the couch for a movie marathon. With a stack of DVDs, tasty snacks and a bottle of wine; set the mood to relax and indulge in all the classics together. Make the night all about them by letting them choose the movies to watch or picking out a few you’d normally say no to, but know they love. Set the mood with candles, a bunch of fresh flowers and anything else you think would add to the atmosphere. For the real romantic; pick V-Day comedies to theme the occasion, make a sexy cocktail or two and top off with a homemade card.

How will you be earning brownie points this Valentine’s Day?

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