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How to Host a Bubble Soccer Party

22 Aug , 2017  

Planning a children’s party is fun. Heck, planning a party at any age is fun! With endless themes to consider and cool, creative ideas to incorporate, the only limit is your imagination.

Inflatables have always been a big hit at children’s parties (adults love them too!) and bubble soccer ticks all the right boxes for hours of entertainment.  

Bubble soccer is perfect for those kids who spend too much time in front of the TV and need a little push when it comes to outdoor fun. On the flip side, it’s fantastic for those youngsters that are loaded with energy.

The ‘sport’ is the latest craze and resembles a regular game of soccer – but better, easier and suitable for anyone. Even if you haven’t played before.

What is Bubble Soccer?

A bubble soccer party is a dynamic fun-filled game which utilises an inflated ball, designed to go over each player as a bubble suit. Your upper body and head is covered by the inflatable soccer ball ‘bubble’ whilst your legs are free to run around. The game can be played outdoors or inside, depending on the weather. Ideally, a sports hall or outdoors on sand or grass is best. Bubble soccer is ideal for children of upper primary school age (12 years and older) as the combination of height, weight and strength can contribute to how comfortable the player feels.

Kids can safely run around, bump into each other using the bubble-costume and work together to score goals and play a fun game of soccer.


The Benefits of Bubble Soccer

If you can host a children’s party that’s fun and beneficial to the kids, then you’re doing great. Bubble soccer is a huge hit for parties because it’s a game often played among friends, for team building days and birthday parties. Thus, it offers hours of entertainment and socialising benefits. These parties, when planned properly are memorable, unique and hassle-free. Because the game has similarities to that of a soccer game, it encourages kids to run around and burn off energy in an active and safe way.

Planning a well-organised, fun and unforgettable bubble soccer party requires a few essentials. Here’s what you need to consider to make sure your child’s birthday runs smoothly:

Choose a Big Enough Space 

Space is key for a good bubble soccer party. Limited space makes it harder to take full advantage of the bubble soccer balls and get those feet running. One of the biggest benefits of bubble soccer is the physical activity, so you want to ensure there’s plenty of running and ‘soccer’ space for the team to enjoy. Opt for a large park if it’s not raining. If weather is going to put constraints on the location, an indoor gym, basketball court, hall or indoor volleyball field are all perfect. Bubble soccer parties are fantastic all year round.

Make sure you choose a space that has nearby bathrooms too. If it’s outside, opt for a space with a BBQ area or food outlets and shelter for a break from the sun. If you need to book the venue, don’t forget to check with your chosen bubble soccer hire company for availability beforehand. And if you’re stuck on ideas for a good venue, they will be able to suggest some nearby options. Also, if space and budget permits, you can extend the inflatable fun with an inflatable arena as well! This adds a completely new level of party competition, with goal posts, strikers and defenders.


Find the Right Bubble Soccer Hire Company

These giant bubble balls don’t just turn up anywhere. Do some research for the best bubble ball hire company and book in advance to secure your preferred party date. A reputable hire company won’t just supply you with the inflatable equipment, but give you a detailed rundown on everything to make sure the day runs smoothly. The soccer balls will be inflated by the party organiser or trained operators supplied by the hire company. If you decide to go with the full arena, a volunteer and an operator will be present on the day to help run things.

Craft a Fun Guest List

A party isn’t a party without a team of fun guests! Now the entertainment is sorted and locked in, plan your guest list. Remember, you don’t have to invite every child, but you do want the party to be well-attended. Teams are essential to a game of bubble soccer so you do want enough people to play. Sit down with the birthday boy/girl and work out who they want to invite.

The great thing about bubble soccer parties is that it doesn’t necessarily cost more to have extra kids attending – especially if it’s an outdoor party. You may want to invite a few more friends too, in case a couple can’t make it. Therefore, numbers will still be sufficient for a great game.


Be Prepared

For the game to be fun and safe for all, all players need to have the right wear. It’s fun – but a lot of activity is involved in running around, so proper footwear is vital. Running shoes with socks are best. Also, keep in mind that you’ll be cocooned in a bubble ball suit, but wearing comfortable and flexible pants underneath is important. Jeans and skirts can limit activity for kids. A shirt with sleeves that’s loose and breathable is ideal too. If your child has long hair, make sure it’s tied up to prevent it from being caught in the bubble suit.

Bubble soccer can bring hilarious results to an average game of ‘soccer’. The kids love being able to crash and knock into each other, using the bubble suit to bounce around (which takes all the impact), makes it a safe and fun activity for all. Players can do dives, flips and rolls without worrying about a forceful impact. You can even add to the birthday fun by organising prizes for teams, too.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, an online blogger and copywriter who recommends Monsterball Amusements & Hire – a premier inflatable amusements hire company servicing Perth and regional WA.

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