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How To Make a Lace Candle Holder

20 Dec , 2013  

Light is important and when it comes to decorating the table for the holidays, doubly so! Here is a romantic and adorable idea perfect for the holidays and every other occasion where you would want to add ambience and charm to your table and dining room. This project is extremely easy and even people who are new to DIY would manage it.

Lace Candle HolderHere is what you need:

1. Mason jars;

2. Lace of whatever kind you want;

3. ModPodge or white diluted glue of your choice;


 How to make:

The technique is similar to decoupage. Apply a layer of ModPodge and glue the lace to the glass surface of your jar. Make sure your jars are clean and smooth. Wait for the glue to dry. When it is ready apply another layer as a top coat. Wait for this layer to dry, place a candle inside and enjoy your romantic candle holder in a vintage style. Such jar will also spare you from having to clean wax stains after.

Lace Candle Holder

Hope you had fun, please do share your images if you’ve made something like this! Here are other ideas that are also very pretty and effective. No one said you should only experiment with old mason jars you can use old glasses, vases, etc.

lace Candle Holder

DIY Candle Holder

DIY Lace Candle Holder

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