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How To Organise a Casino Night For Friends

5 Jun , 2015  

As you may have noticed already, I am a bit whiny about the fast-appoaching winter, thus why I am actively looking for entertainment during the long and boring evenings. Besides planning romantic winter picnics for when the time allows it, another idea on a dime is to organise a games night for your grown-up friends.

Now, hosting a casino party is a bit fancier, but that’s what makes it all the more fun. I bet ya!

How to Host a Casino Party

As married men and women (and some us are parents too) we focus most of our attention on our families, looking after them and making sure that they’re happy and healthy. Sometimes, though, we forget that we also need to have a little fun. So why not give you and your friends that much needed time off and organise a poker night?

Everybody loves a themed event, and while planning might take up a chunk of your time, everything will be worth it when you see your guests enjoying themselves while playing a few rounds of Texas Hold’em with a martini in hand.

If you’ve never organised a casino party before, there are several tips and suggestions below guaranteed to help you throw a memorable event.

Enforce a dress code
What’s a themed party without guests dressing up? Send out invitations to your friends noting down all the event details, including the expected attire. Think Monte Carlo or James Bond for the ideal theme.

Stock up your bar
A casino engagement needs appetizing cocktails. Make sure you have the right amount of ingredients to make at least two to three different cocktails that can be served in martini glasses, champagne flutes, or any other fancy glassware. You might find inspiration from Bon Appetit’s list of delicious cocktails served in Vegas casinos.

Prepare a range of hors d’oeuvres
All those cocktails need to be paired with some food. Since this isn’t one of those sit-down dinners, put together a variety of tasty finger foods. Hors d’oeuvres are a party staple regardless if you are a good cook or not. Don’t worry if cooking isn’t your strong suit as Fine Cooking has compiled a collection of recipes that take no more than 10 minutes to make.

Decorate your party area
Party supply stores will surely have all the decorations you need, though if you are extra crafty, you might want to try out these poker party ideas from DIY Inspired.

How To Host a Games Night

Image Credit: Casino Party Companies


Set up an area for games
A poker table is a given at casino-themed event, but if you want to add some variety to party, consider setting up a station for slots using your laptop. Although it won’t be the same as playing slots in a real-life gambling complex, Intercasino explains in an article that playing online can be just as entertaining if not more with all the extra bonuses and flexibility to play multiple video slots within a short span of time.

As for the rest of it well,  haven’t you heard? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Featured Image Credits: Tetsuharu Kubota

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