Men Space Decorating Ideas

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Man Space Decorating Ideas

11 Dec , 2014  

And no it doesn’t always have to look like this, although this is pretty much men’s ideal cave! According to Katie Preston Toepfer of GoLights,  however, it can also look stylish and be appealing to everyone at home.

The man space, (a new term often used to describe the man cave), is an area of the home with an added level of masculinity invested in the décor and furnishings. It’s generally a space where the man of your home or apartment can display his important items, without disturbing the peace of the rest of your home’s décor.

Man Cave Lighting and Decoration

Source: GoLights

If the man in your life needs just a little direction when it comes to decorating his corner of the world, take note of these man space suggestions that he’ll love and you will too.

Luxurious lounging

Tired of your man’s favourite chair and it’s upholstery that’s coming apart at the seems? Invest in a high quality leather chair with matching ottoman for extreme masculinity that’s stylish and beautifully suited to the rest of your home.

Don’t let the TV take centre stage

In many man spaces, the TV takes pride of place. While it’s understandable that a TV might be a prerequisite for any man cave, it doesn’t have to be the focal point of the room. A stylish looking dart board or artwork can make the perfect centrepiece.

Gaming allowed

Does your man love playing chess, pool or darts? Incorporate a chess board, pool table or dart board into the room to ensure that it’s not all about watching television and computer games. These games are fun for the whole family to enjoy as well.

Light up the room with sophisticated lighting accents

Lamps for Man Spaces

Source: GoLights

Man caves should include lighting elements that create gentle, ambient lighting that promotes relaxation as well as taking lighting. Pendant shades are ideal for this. Replica Tom Dixon Beat Pendant Lights work well over pool tables and bar areas. For reading corners, the Jake Phipps Jeeves Bowler Hat Pendant Light is ideal.

If there is also a work desk in the man space, you’ll want to include a high quality desk lamp that allows for bright illumination. A stylish, retro looking desk lamp has serious vintage appeal and will add another layer of personality to the space.

Living decor

An easy to grow indoor plant is a welcome addition to any room in the home and certain plants are great for filtering the air. If you aren’t likely to gain access to the man cave all that often, a pleasant fern or shrub will help to at least keep the air fresh in between cleans.

Man cave’s don’t necessarily have to be offensive to the eye and a pretend talking fish doesn’t have to be the only piece of artwork on the walls. Take note of the above styling tips to ensure the man space in your home is a pleasant place to be in for every member of the family (should they be allowed access!).