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3 Jun , 2014  

It’s relaxing, colourful and everything you need it to be!

The living room will always be one of the most important rooms in your home, not only because you spend a lot of free time there, engaging with your family and loved ones, but because you also show it to your guests and it is probably the one chance you have to show off your good taste and sense of style. Here is my latest find – a gorgeous, colourful living room I fell in love with instantly!

Living Room Interior Design Solutions

First of all, I noticed the colours. Be bold with colours and experiment. No one likes a boring beige anymore. As they say, be bold, or go home. Experiment with floral motives and chevron pattern.


Another thing that caught my eye was the wonderful artistic mirror on the wall and the vintage cabinet.

Living Room Interior Design Solution

Living Room Interior Design Trends

Living Room Interior Design TrendsImages Source: Green Muze

Lana Jane Fox

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