Natural Ways To Deodorize a Fridge

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Natural Ways To Deodorize a Fridge

3 Sep , 2013  

I am not a great fan of cleaning, as most of you already know, but one chore I loathe in particular, and that would be cleaning the fridge. I mean, you have to take out all the food and then take the shelves, wash them up, put them back and rearrange all the food back. The shelves and the corners of the fridge are awkward to wash as well,  and it seems that the typical fridge odor comes back sooner than expected. Well, here are a few tips that might help you – most of them I am sharing from experience!

1. First rule of a fresh fridge is to always throw away the rotten and stale food. When you go grocery shopping, buy only as much food as you need (and you can eat) and don’t ignore food if you see its been in the fridge for quite some time. It is either time to eat it, cook it,  freeze it, or throw it away.

3. Seal all the food you place in the fridge. If you have some left overs from last night that’s okay as long as you put them in a plastic box and only after that on your fridge shelf. This way the food will stay fresh for longer and the smell will not spoil the odor of your fridge.

4. Clean often. Unfortunately, that helps the most when it comes to getting rid of the stink and keeping good hygiene in the fridge. I say “unfortunately”, because it is more work and I hate it.

5. To ensure a fresh smell and no excess moisture, you can try the following all-natural tricks:

– A bowl filled with baking soda. I’ve heard that many people sprinkle baking soda on their carpets to get rid of pet odor. I guess these people have a point, since baking soda has absorbing quality and helps get rid of excessive moisture.

– Cotton balls dipped in vanilla extract. Another great idea, according to house cleaners Sydney is to dip cotton balls in vanilla extract. You can use essential oils of your choosing and mix them with water. Dampen the cotton balls and place them on a shelf of the fridge. This way your entire fridge will have your chosen scent.

– A bowl of oats. According to other housewives, a bowl of oats also helps a great deal in sucking in the foul fridge odor.

– My mom’s technique –  onions. My mom used to cut a larger onion head in half and put one of the halves on a shelf on the fridge. I thought it will smell bad, because of the onion, but it turned out that the onion absorbed the smell and the excess moisture, so whenever I am making a salad or a meal with an onion or two, I place a larger piece of it in the fridge.

– A bowl of coffee grounds. I know they use coffee grounds in cosmetic shop to give to customers who have sniffed far too many different scents from testers and can’t distinguish anymore. Apparently, coffee grounds restore the ability to distinguish smells and when placed in the fridge it helps a great deal to suck in the bad smell.

Hopefully, all this was helpful and gave you some ideas to try out. Most of the things you need to make your fridge smell good once again, you can find in either the fridge itself, or your cupboards and this is one reason, I love these ideas so much!

Lana Jane Fox

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