Square patterned Carpets

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New Year, New Carpet! Six Ideal Types For Your Bedroom

13 Jan , 2013  

In this post I will give you some suggestions what type of carpet to put in your bedroom. There are so many out there nowadays each better than the next, that it could be quite hard to choose.

1. Keep it simple by placing a jute herringbone carpet. It will add a natural touch to your room and the best part is that you can find jute carpets in various colors which means that you won’t have a hard time matching it to the color scheme of the room.

2. To bring some fun and cheer in your bedroom opt for installing a pink wall to wall sisal carpet. The playful tone of the pink will add a lighthearted flavor to your bedroom which will aid you wake up with a smile every morning.

3. For a warmer and elegant ambience you should consider a dark toned regent twist carpet. It is made of wool and artificial fibers and can be found in over ten types of colors.

4. Carpets which have floral patterns are considered to be classical carpets. They are considered to be ideal for rooms which have a most vintage ambience.

5. Square patterned carpets could fit any type of interior design solution. These carpets match equally well with modern and retro designs and will quickly convert your bedroom floor into the focal point of the room.

Square patterned Carpets
6. If your bedroom is an area with a high level of foot traffic then you should go with a Berber carpet. Berber carpets are appropriate because they are made entirely from wool

Useful Tip: No matter which type of carpet you choose you will have to clean it regularly. It is not going to clean itself – trust me, I have tried everything from begging to crying, but it won’t listen! Stay tuned for more advice on how to clean your carpets. Alternatively you may hire carpet cleaning Melbourne services in order to get a deep cleaning for your carpet. The benefits of calling professional carpet cleaning Melbourne services is that you can get your carpets steam cleaned, fluffy and fresh.

Lana Jane Fox

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