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Now You Can Have The Modern Bathroom Of Your Dreams

17 Jul , 2013  

The bathroom is all in all a few sq metres large, but it is still a very important room in your house, yet, unfortunately very often overlooked. Even though it is not a place where you spend most of your time, when compared to the kitchen or the living room, for instance, it is still crucial to design and decorate it with taste. Here are a few ideas and some wildly artistic bathrooms to enhance your imagination. 

First of all, contemporary bathrooms are spacious. Because people are nowadays using their bathrooms to relax more, it is important to not feel like you are in a cubicle. If your bathroom is smaller, try to create the illusion of space by installing a larger mirror, or using light. It is useful to try and keep your bathroom ordered and clutter-free. Clutter makes any room look smaller.

Modern Bathroom

Why would you go for a plain white bathroom, when you have all the freedom to experiment and unleash your creativity and imagination. Create your own colourful bathroom that makes you feel good, relaxes and energizes you. Did you know that according to colour psychology, colours have a huge power over our mood and overall well-being? Well, now you do, so choose carefully the colours of your bathroom! Paint your bathroom in a colour that looks good on you, since it will increase your self-esteem. In other words, if you love to wear purple and it makes you look slimmer, paint your bathroom the same colour. After all, this is the place where you check yourself naked more often and if you see your favourite colour in the background it will definitely make you like yourself more. In addition, if you paint your bathroom a plain white colour, you will have a lot more to worry about, when it is time to clean it.

Modern bathroom

Furthermore, lighting is extremely important for your bathroom. It is, after all, where you perform your daily routines – shave, apply make up and prepare yourself for work or nights out. Either way, you need to look good and have a nice clear view of what you you do. However, there is one more reason why lighting is important. Lighting can inspire and relax you. In addition, lighting adds the illusion of more space. With dim switches you could create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, like the one on the picture below.

Modern Bathroom

When you are relaxing in your bathroom, you don’t want to be stressed out about how tiny it is. Good lighting can fix that problem! A lot of people now are relying on LED lights for their bathrooms. LED lighting is very beneficial and LED lighting supplies are usually low-maintenance. In addition to that LED lights are long operating, energy saving and will illuminate beautifully if you choose to install LED infused faucets and shower heads. These will make your bathroom a very unique one.

Modern Bathroom

A modern bathroom is also well-ventilated. Make sure your bathroom has enough fresh air and less excessive moisture. As you know moisture will cause molding and you want to avoid it. Check your ducts and ventilator often and/or open a window after your bathroom routines, warn professional duct cleaners from Melbourne.

Modern Bathroom

More and more bathrooms nowadays are eco-friendly. Water-saving is important, keeping in mind that our resources are not unlimited. You can install a low-flow shower head, as well as a toilet water-saving device. Those of you who have a small kid and use the bathtub for washing can use a bathtub divider, which saves a great deal of water and energy for warming that water.

Modern Eco_Friendly Bathroom

 Use rustic elements such as stone. As you can see it works quite nicely in this bathtub and you won’t have to worry about stone pieces being damaged by the water.

Modern bathrooms

You will still have to take good care of them, but you can be sure they will not wear anytime soon and will create a unique ambience in your bathroom! And lastly, here is some more inspiration, designer bathrooms, that might give you an idea or two how to decorate your own. Don’t underestimate the time spent in the bathroom and the effect it has on your mood.

In a bathroom like this I am pretty sure you would want to spend more time just to relax, or have some alone time with your spouse. And why shouldn’t you? You deserve it for crying out loud!

Lana Jane Fox

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