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Quick Cleaning The Bathroom and Toilet

19 Nov , 2014  

Today was the World Toilet Day – yes, there is such a thing! The World Toilet Day aims to raise awareness and raise the standards of sanitation conditions worldwide.  Here is how to improve yours!

Most people believe that the bathroom is the dirtiest place in the house, however that is a myth. Actually the kitchen is the dirtiest, but that doesn’t mean you should now overlook the bathroom.

In order to clean your bathroom efficiently you could use natural products such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.

1. The sink

Clean the sink with a paste of baking soda and water. Apply on the sides and the bottom and around the drain scrubbing gently. Let it stay for 20 minutes and rinse with water. Pour a cup of lemon juice down the drain to kill bacteria, bad smell and the build up of grease and other nasty things down there. The lemon juice is acidic so it will kill germs and bacteria and will also eliminate bad odours.

2. The toilet

Avoid using bleach when you clean your toilet. Why? Because the bleach will react with other chemicals coming from the toilet duck for instance, and this will create toxic gases which are dangerous for your eyes, skin and your airways. They resemble closely a gas used in World War I and you could burn your airways if you inhale them. Even though most people use bleach to clean their toilets I would not advise you to do it. Instead try pouring down vinegar and scrubbing. After you flush with water you will find it for yourself that vinegar does the same job.

3. The Tiles

In order to clean the tiles make a mix of vinegar and hot water in a bucket and clean with a mop. You know that vinegar is acidic, which means that just like the lemon juice it will all the bacteria and leave a nice refreshing odour.

Even though, these are pretty simple and easy steps to follow, if you are struggling to clean your bathroom at a standard that you want, you can always book professional one-off cleaning services. Nowadays, booking professionals is not a sign of poor housekeeping skills and is not that expensive either, so instead of sweating over the bath tub leave the job to people who can handle it. Otherwise you can simply renovate your bathroom and design it in a way that it will require less cleaning.

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Lana Jane Fox

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