hate cleaning, but love romantic gift

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Romantic Gifts -Do’s and Don’ts (For Her)

27 Jan , 2013  

In the first part of this article, I shared with you some of my ideas and experience when it comes to romantic gifts and surprises for men. Unlike women, men are significantly easier to satisfy when it comes to gifts, as they don’t really expect extravagant things, girls on the other hand, require a bit more effort, but let’s be honest – they deserve it!

So in Romantic Gifts Do’s and Don’ts (For Him) I suggested that a woman should buy her husband practical things that he will use all year round. On the other hand I also said that guys don’t expect anything expensive and a fancy card is quite enough to make it personal. However, new rules apply for women.

1. Don’t buy her kitchen appliances or technology, unless specifically asked. No woman will be happy with a brand new mouse for her PC, or a new ironing board. Forget about the practical things and come up with personalized gift that you either did yourself, or spend a lot of time looking for.

2. Do surprise her. She will expect a gift on Valentine’s day, but what she won’t expect is a bed full of rose petals, a hot tub with candles around it, etc. Go the extra mile and really do surprise her with something you know she would love – flowers at work, a nice note on the fridge, nice meal made by you etc.

hate cleaning, but love romantic gifts

For instance, a friend of mine booked the regular services of professional cleaners and when his girlfriend came home from work the house was not only spotless and decorated nicely, but the cleaners kept coming every week for about a month and dealt with the chores instead of her.

3. If you want to make your girl happy, you should always add personal touches to your gift. Even if you buy her the fanciest card in the shop, if you don’t write something personal, it will be a waste. In a few words, tell her how you feel about her, what you love most, your best memory, or just thank her for being the better half of you. Come up with something, it shouldn’t be so hard!

hate cleaning, but love romantic gifts

4. DIY gifts will be remembered forever. Girls like handy boys, so why don’t you surprise her with something you did yourself. In the first part of this article I suggested map coasters, they are good for both males and females. DIY jewellery box, personalized mug, the list goes on.

hate cleaning, but love romantic gift

5. Jewellery will never get old. I don’t know if diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but jewellery will definitely put a smile on her face, not because it was cheap or expensive, but because it is from you and now she can wear it as much as she likes.

6. Don’t buy her a stuffed toy, if that’s what you got for her last year. Instead go for a personalized pillow. One of my ex boyfriends bought me stuffed toys for two years in a roll for my birthday – I had 3 overall. You might think that he is an ex boyfriend because I didn’t like the stuffed toys, but that’s not the case. He is an ex boyfriend because he couldn’t be bothered to come up with something creative, wasn’t thorough enough when it came to the relationship and wasn’t careful to the things that could’ve made me happy. He just didn’t want to go the extra mile and didn’t want to put some extra effort.

hate cleaning, but love romantic gifts

7. The best presents are those that can be shared with others. You can buy vouchers for helicopter ride, bungee jumping, skydiving, wine tasting, etc, just as long as you get two and share that day with her.

8. They say that the greatest gift comes in the smallest box. If you think the time has come and you are still not married, you can always pop the question and give her an engagement ring. Don’t do it on Valentine’s day though, simply because it is cheesy, unless your girlfriend likes Valentine’s day, in that sense it might be a good idea, but remember that whatever you do afterwards, you are never going to top this Valentine’s day gift, so you might want to choose a different day.

hate Cleaning, But Love Romantic Gifts

Hopefully all this was helpful and gave you an idea how to surprise your sweetheart. Apply those tips in everyday life, not just for the holidays and you will enjoy a harmonious and long-lasting relationship.

Lana Jane Fox

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