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Round Beds – Yey, or Nay?

2 Sep , 2014  

Did you know that a person spends 1/3 of his entire life in the bedroom?

Whether sleeping or just relaxing you spend quite a lot of time in one of the most important and private rooms in your home. It is unfortunate that sometimes, the bedroom is neglected when it comes to interior design choices. We often spend more on rooms we show off to guests and even if we do take it into consideration we often carry out some unsuccessful experiments. In order to avoid that, I wanted to shed some light on round beds and whether they are worth the investment.


A round bed always catches the eye and gets the attention.

A round bed is sexy, okay! According to a rising body of psychological research people are more drawn to round shapes, which are significantly more inviting. It should come as no surprise that round shapes are also increasingly preferred for the living room as well.

A round bed is an expression of individuality and good taste. The buyer of round beds is most likely someone who thinks out of the box. Want to make a bold statement? Round bed is the way to go!

The mattress-go-round offers 360-degree views of the room. Professional decorators and interior designers often recommend round beds to clients who have fireplaces, plasma TVs and multiple windows in their boudoirs. Want to face the view outside in the morning and the lovely flames in the evening? No problem!

Round Beds Advantages and Disadvantages

Image Source: Elina Busmane Blog


It is very unique and fits beautifully in the right setting. By right setting we mean in a room you have loads of space.


A round bed requires a lot of space. Placing a round bed in a tiny bedroom will make the room look even smaller.

A round mattress will dig a hole in your pocket. Those things are expensive and once bought you also need to take good care of them. You don’t want to throw away a mattress that cost a fortune, because you failed to clean it properly, now would you?

Fitted sheets and duvets are also difficult to find and more expensive. Making the bed without these will be a challenge.

Even though the diameter of the round parts is one of a Californian King size bed, if you and your partner are tall in stature your legs might be sticking out from time to time.

Hopefully these might help you make up your mind when it comes to choosing the bed that fits your needs the best. It is all about you and what makes you feel good. Remember, you spend 1/3 of your life there. Make it count!

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Lana Jane Fox