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18 Sep , 2014  

There are a few small things you can do to instantly add ambiance and transform your home from ordinary to an oasis for you and your partner to enjoy.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with the lighting you use in your home. If you are dining under bright downlights, it can be a bit of a mood killer. And while overhead and ceiling light fixtures are a necessity, so is creating ambient lighting through the use of lamps and other forms of light. Here we’ll run through some instant ways to create mood and atmosphere in your home.

1. Just the right amount of lamp lighting

If you don’t already have at least one or two lamps in your lounge room, now is the time to invest. Purchase something that works with your current decor and will blend in with the rest of your home’s furniture and accents. If you want something bold and on trend, a lamp with a Chevron shade makes a real statement.

Create Ambiance at Home

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2. Think about the globe

When choosing your light globe for your lamp you should not only consider something that’s energy efficient and good for the environment, but also something that doesn’t burn too brightly. Remember, you want to create ambience, so that requires soft, gentle lighting.

3. By the bed side

Layers of lighting helps to create ambience throughout your home at night. Consider the lighting in the bedroom and whether that light filters through the house (depending on the position of the room to the rest of the home). Often by turning on a soft light in the bedroom that filters gently into the hallway or lounge room, you can add an extra layer of ambient lighting to your home. If you haven’t invested in quality bedside table lamps, you should think about. They not only help to create soft, mood lighting, but they are also great for reading in bed and ensuring you don’t have to jump out to turn the light off right before you fall asleep. Something simple and stylish like this Disco Bedside Base with Mocha coloured lamp shade is timeless and can work with a range of bedroom interiors.

Create ambiance at home easily

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4. Dinner by candlelight

Nothing creates ambience quite like candles. Flameless candles are a wonderful alternative to traditional candles, because not only are the high quality variety made from real wax and flicker just like real candles, but they also don’t burn out and many even have timers built in to them so you can set them to turn on around the time you and your hubby arrive home from work. If you enjoy scented candles, you can also purchase flameless scented candles, which smell just divine. As you can see, with just a little careful thought you can instantly transform you home into a relaxing oasis both you and your partner will love!

Create ambiance at home with the help of flameless candles

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