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Setting Up A Working Area At Home

9 Apr , 2013  

If you have the privilege to work from home, you are one of the few lucky people who get to spend their eight hours of work in the comfort of their home. Well, it might actually be more than eight hours, since according to someone: “Being your own boss is great, it means you get to decide which 18 hours you want to work.” Whether it will be 8 or 18 hours, it is important that you have a comfortable places that enhances your productivity. Here comes the tricky bit. 

Different people work in different ways. Some like it when they listen to music and work. It inspires them and helps them concentrate, however others start daydreaming and lose their concentration when there is a lot of noise. How you will decorate your home office depends entirely on your preferences, budget and the look you want to achieve. Some like to achieve the proper work place look, as this puts them in the mood for working. Others like the man on the picture, who installed sandbox in his working area prefer something more inspiring.

Organize a working area at home

Professional cleaners from Canterbury warn that a sandbox only looks cool, if there is someone else to clean afterwards.

So here are a few ideas

1. Choose your destiny… I mean working space. Avoid the living room and the kitchen, as you will rarely manage to concentrate there. Since you need space for your computer, copying machine, folders, printer, phone and God knows what else you have to have more space. Choose an area with natural sunlight and a window if possible. That would be great as you will get to breathe fresh air which is so important!

working from home

Rooms in which you can achieve that are spare bedrooms, attics and garages. You could also transform the basement and some closet, but you have to do everything pretty well. I, myself found our attic perfect for the purpose. I always found the attic to be a magical place and I love it when I am up high, far away from distractions. I definitely think twice before going down to the fridge.  It will all depend on your needs. What is it that you need more – natural light, or peace and quiet. If you can have it all – perfect. We are ready to move to the next one.

Awesome Blue Working Area

Useful Tip: Avoid turning your bedroom into a working area. This will stress you and you will not be able to relax in your bedroom properly and maybe won’t be able to work properly either. The bed will always remind you of the good times you can have either sleeping, or when getting intimate with your partner, and unfortunately the desk will always remind you of the endless work.

working area

2. Choose comfortable desk and chair. One of the worst things when having to work in a large company with a lot of other people is the fact that you work in a tiny cubicle on a small desk. It never seems enough for all the things you need. For this reason, choose a large comfortable, multi-purpose desk that will allow more freedom. When choosing a chair, also choose something ergonomic al and comfy. Don’t compromise as it is your back we are talking about.

Working from home

3. Remove distractions and procrastinations. Social media could be used to establish connections and to build a solid online presence, however, if it disturbs your work, forbid it in your working area! You won’t find inspiration there! In addition, if you have small kids, you should explain to them that mommy/daddy has to work and when in the office should not be disturbed unless something really important comes along.

4. Colours. Choose carefully the colours of your working area. Some colours like red and purple will stimulate daydreaming, or your appetite and will make you daydream. Such colours that you need to avoid are purple, read, yellow. Instead go for blue, which is known to enhance productivity and read-willingness. Other colours you can try are warm earth tones, certain shades of green and white.  More on colours here.

5. Add a carpet and a soft sofa. Have a corner in which you can retreat and read a magazine, or something related to your job. Add pillows and soft accessories for the times when you want to take a short break.

6. Keep the area clean. A cluttered desk might be a source of stress. In addition, you will have a hard time find that exact document you need, when there is a large pile of other papers. This will cause you to waste time and you don’t want that!

Lana Jane Fox

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