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3 Nov , 2014  

It’s that time of the year again, when men grow awkward moustaches, or at least this is how I felt for the longest time…

Not until recently when I did more work-related research into the Movember movement and the entire issue with prostate and  testicular cancer.

Here are some “fun facts” that changed my views upside down and made me a lot more aware.


170 million years of healthy life are lost due to the for main cancer types – lung, breast, bowel and prostate.


1 in 7 Aussie men is likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime.


There are 20,000 new instances of prostate cancer every year in Australia.


Prostate cancer is avoidable and curable if men go to regular check ups and if diagnosed early. Unfortunately, most men don’t know they have it until it is too late.

Being married to a beautiful man I never want to lose to such a nasty disease, I felt obligated to take the cause more at heart and start a Movember fund-raising team at work. One thing led to another and my company got involved in a very creative way that makes me really proud to work for them. Indeed owning a business should be about changing lives.

Paul's Cleaning Movember campaign

Find all on Paul’s Movember Team Page


Is that enough? No. How we can all help (women included)?

– Raise Awareness – spark conversation and bug your men to get checked often.

– Donate for the cause – You can donate to a person, or a team and as much as you want to!

– Host fund-raising parties – sounds like a great way to get together with your girlies, make cookies and raise a buck for a really good cause;

– Love your moustached men – yes, they do look like coming out of a 70s movie, but if they have done anything do it a for a great cause. Know that leaving a moustache grow for a month is itchy and irritating (Please note: I don’t know from experience, I always shave mine!:D).

Lana Jane Fox

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