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DIY Pot Decoration

25 Mar , 2014  

Twig Flower Pot

There are many ways in which you can bring new life to old items and in the case of this old flower pot – it is easy too! More…

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Home Improvement,Interior Design and Decoration

A Few Decoration Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

9 Jul , 2013  

Decorations For Home

Have you heard the expression that it is the little things that make a big difference. The secret to transforming your home and achieving the dreamy look is very simple – pay attention to the details. The details – the bowl on the coffee table, the soft pillows on the upholstery, the creative lamp near your bed are all things that if carefully chosen will make each room look complete.


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Interior Design and Decoration

New Year, New Carpet! Six Ideal Types For Your Bedroom

13 Jan , 2013  

Square patterned Carpets

In this post I will give you some suggestions what type of carpet to put in your bedroom. There are so many out there nowadays each better than the next, that it could be quite hard to choose. More…

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