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How to Earn the Most Brownie Points this Valentine’s Day

3 Feb , 2017  

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Cupid is set to shoot his bow and arrow February 14th, and unless you’re ready with something spectacular to surprise your loved one with, you may just miss out on earning some decent brownie points! Getting organised for Valentine’s Day early this year is a good place to start. Even the littlest things that make the biggest impacts require some thought, planning and inspiration. And if you want to avoid booking a dinner with every other couple out there, it’s time to start organising the night now.


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Confessions of a Happy Housewife

Romantic Gifts -Do’s and Don’ts (For Her)

27 Jan , 2013  

hate cleaning, but love romantic gift

In the first part of this article, I shared with you some of my ideas and experience when it comes to romantic gifts and surprises for men. Unlike women, men are significantly easier to satisfy when it comes to gifts, as they don’t really expect extravagant things, girls on the other hand, require a bit more effort, but let’s be honest – they deserve it!


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