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The Science Behind a Happy Home

15 Apr , 2016  

According to science these 8 things will make your home feel happier!

#1 Less of Everything

It’s true what they say that “less is more”. The less bits and bobs you have the less organising and de-cluttering you need to do. It’s important to keep a neat house as according to UCLA’s Center of Everyday Lives and Families, there’s a link between high cortisol levels (stress levels) in homeowners with a “high density of household objects.” In other words: “Don’t own so much clutter that you’d be relieved to see your house catch fire.” Truer words have never been spoken.

Less is More

#2 Memories

Decorate with pictures and pleasant memories. Don’t put clutter on disposal (like the tickets from your favourite movie premiere), but place a few personal touches and framed images in your home. It’s great to glance at things that bring you back to the happiest moments in your life. These can be very motivating.

#3 Happy Colours

Some colours are more natural and relaxing, triggering happy emotions. Those are the colour of the sky, sun and grass. Use moderate shades of green, blue and yellow in your home and you can make sure you will feel a tiny bit happier! If the current colours of your wall feel old, familiar and depressing, but re-painting is not an option, simply add a fresh painting with colours that are more fun.

Happy colours

#4 Fresh Flowers

In recent years when everything has gotten so busy and all-digital, we need a touch of nature to help relax our senses. Studies have found that flowers increase our satisfaction with life and help trigger happy feelings and thoughts. If you can’t afford to purchase fresh flowers to put in vases, why don’t you consider growing them yourself. You can use a backyard and just pick a few to bring home, or you can use pots. Just pick plants that bloom in pretty colours.

fresh flowers

#5 Books

If you can’t go to the beach to relax, why not let a book take you to a more exotic place? Books are a grate way to decorate a blank shelf in the living room, but they also bring a lot of comfort and cosiness. To add to this, you can pick a book on a rainy, slow Saturday and forget about the world.

Аdd books to your decor

#6 Furry Friends

A dog is called a man’s best friend for a reason and having a furry pet, whether a dog, or a cat, can make your home feel more joyous and happier. Imagine always having someone meeting you at the door and someone who is not stingy when it comes to snuggles. Research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found strong evidence that pets can fulfill a person’s social needs and increase their confidence and sense of belonging.

Get a furry friend

#7 Fresh and Clean Carpets

Carpets are like wall-paper for the walls. Just like you have painted or decorated your walls and they are not blank, you can’t leave a blank floor. Carpets provide a sense of cosiness, warmth and comfort. They are what makes a house feel like home. Research found that households without carpets see four times more instances of flu and other diseases. Carpets serve as filters, trapping particles, dust, bacteria and germs, preventing these from circulating the air we breathe. Clean and fresh carpets can thus promote our well-being and help make us feel happier and more at home. However, if you have carpets and furry friends, you might want to consider professional carpet and rug cleaning at least once a year.

#8 A Made Bed

After a hard-day’s work there’s nothing better than coming home to a made bed. The sight of a cosy made bed, decorated with bolsters can instantly make anyone happy.

Lana Jane Fox


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