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Things You Should Not Put in the Drain

15 Oct , 2013  

For the longest time I felt like rinsing down the food leftovers and forgetting about their existence is like the most normal thing in the world. Not long after I saw why it actually shows a lack of responsibility. Firstly not all things can smoothly go down the drain and even if they do, not all are biodegradable. Some are causing nothing but pollution, while other are causing clogged drains! Follow the tips below and you’ll be fine.
Kitchen waste

While this group of rubbish is usually not considered as a threat, it is well known fact that the fats and the grease can clog pipes and cause a lot of trouble. The further drawbacks include damage of the sewers, not to mention disease risks and environmental issues (issues that we actually do not realize we are causing to the nature) .Avoid:

kitchen sink
✘ Bakery products,

✘ Lard Butter

✘ Cooking oil

✘ Food scraps

✘ Dairy products,

✘ Meat fats


Other things you should not put in the drain:

oils from cars or any other gas-powered mechanisms; eggshells; medications, which are over the counter; paper towel; hygiene products; toxins used for maintenance like motor oil, transmission fluids, anti-freeze etc.; petroleum-based products like paints, turpentine, solvents, nail polish and polish remover; produce stickers; coffee waste; pet poop; any large pieces of rubbish like cloth parts; any acidic, caustic, corrosive, flammable or explosive substances.

Kitchen Sink

In order to avoid grease build-up in the drain never pour oil based products. Furthermore collect the waste from all the plates containing grease and stale food and put them in a separate bin. In case of clogged drains, try this, a recipe recommended by the professional cleaning services from Albert Park: a mixture of baking soda and white distilled vinegar. The combination of these two products make a foam. Wait for some time until the foam settles and rinse with hot water. If necessary, repeat the process. If you still encounter these problems, call professionals. Another idea is to pour white distilled vinegar or lemon juice. Because they are acidic they will eliminate the grease build-up

Lana Jane Fox

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