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Top 3 Dirtiest Places In The House

21 Jan , 2013  

Have you ever wondered what is the dirtiest spot in your house? No, it is not the toilet. I know we often associate the toilet with everything that goes in it, but it is by far not the dirtiest places of all. My collection will surprise you, I can guarantee you that from the beginning.

So let’s see who is the dirtiest of them all?

1. The Kitchen Sink.  Surprise, surprise, it is the kitchen sink. Often just because we wash the dishes in it, we assume that the water and the washing liquid get all the dirt in the sink, but that in fact is not true! Bacteria, germs and grease build up in your kitchen sink, because you assume that splashing it with water is enough.

hate cleaning, but have to do it

Useful Cleaning Advice: According to professional cleaners from Albert Park, it is enough to pour some lemon juice down the drains to kill the bacteria. Because lemon juice is acidic it will do a great job getting rid of the grease build-up.

2. The Bathtub. Often the place out of which you come out clean, is surprisingly dirty. Similarly to the kitchen sink all the dirt and grease and all sorts of nasty things build-up down the drains and on the walls of the tub.

hate cleaning, but someone has to do it

Useful Cleaning Advice: Wash your bathtub after every use and teach everyone in your family to do it too. This way you can make sure none of you is soaking in dirty, disgusting water. It is advisable to clean your bathtub with bleach every once in a while, depending on the use (heavy or light).

3. Remote Control. Your remote control is a lot dirtier than your toilet and yet you touch it countless times every day. Just try to remember when was the last time you touched while you were eating, dropped it on the floor or your dog played with it?

hate cleaning, but someone has to do it

Useful Cleaning Advice: If you want your remote control to be clean, use hand sanitizer or wet wipes to kill off the germs and all the bacteria.

 The list goes on and continues with your mobile phone, computer keyboard and mouse and the chopping board. Hope you have found these interesting and now you know what you need to be more careful with.

Lana Jane Fox

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