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Tropical Home Accents To Love Right Now

23 Feb , 2015  

Summer is quickly slipping away, but If you are anything like me, you might want to hold on to it all year-round with this tropical accents to love right now!

With the tropical trend really taking off, it’s time to dust off that hula skirt and incorporate some fun tropical and Hawaiian accents into your home’s decor. Here we’ve created a list of some of the best ways to ease this trend into your home’s interior.

Embrace Bright Yellow

Saffron Yellow Flameless Candles

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Whether it’s splashes of bright yellow cushions, flameless candles or bright yellow cotton throw rugs, yellow hues are a major part of the tropical home trend.

Yellow home accents add a touch of fun and excitement to your decor too which will lift the overall mood of your home.


Use Indoor Plants to Create a Tropical Atmosphere

Indoor ferns with bright green leaves in different shapes helps to emulate the tropical look. Many indoor plants have the ability to filter the air inside your home too so if this interests you, research a variety that will not only look good but will also work to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The Boston Fern and Areca Palm are two examples of indoor plants that have this ability.

Flower Pot Light

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Embrace Tropical Fruit Designs

Pineapple wall art and ceramic decorative items are everywhere right now. Both add a fun, tropical touch to your home. Banana prints are also popular with large scale prints of banana leaves featuring on everything from clothing to quilt covers, throw pillows and more.

Subtle tropical Home Highlights

Brushed Nickel With Maple and Maple Ceiling Fan

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Do you love the tropical and Hawaiian look but want something a little more subtle and timeless? A bronze pineapple lamp has a vintage tropical charm that will look great for many years to come even once the tropical look has faded in popularity. A timber ceiling fan is also reminiscent of tropical locations and hot summery nights making it the perfect functional addition to your home.

Don’t Forget your Dog

Why not indulge your pooch and buy them a new bed featuring a tropical or Hawaiian print? Often dog beds are neglected as part of the home’s décor but once you update it, you quickly realise how important it is for it to not only be comfortable for Fido, but to also fashionably blend in with the rest of the home too.

If you’re loving the relaxed look of the tropical/Hawaiian theme right now, start incorporating these fun accents into your home’s décor and perhaps throw in some ukulele lessons while you’re at it for good measure.

Featured Image Credits: Green Muze

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